Safe & Simple Steps To Fruitful Meditation

Safe & Simple Steps To Fruitful Meditation

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Meditation has been widely accepted as a tested method to reduce mental tensions and achieve inner peace and tranquillity, leading to spiritual growth. In this book, various techniques are presented in an easy step-by-step manner, starting with simple techniques that can be practised for just a few minutes. The benefits have been clearly described to enable the practitioner track his or her progress. The best traditions of meditation in India are presented so that modern folk with limited background of Yoga and Meditation and Indian philosophy can follow the steps. Anyone can learn these techniques without a personal instructor. A detailed chapter on Chakras and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation helps the serious meditators. The Buddhist meditation, widely used in the West and meant for awakening inner joy, is described in a separate chapter. Creative visualisation `a meditational technique to achieve practical goals in business life`is also described. The book dispels common doubts about the efficacy of meditation and guides and motivates the reader towards the best meditation practices. Highlights: *Healing through meditation *The numerous forms of meditation *The awesome power of mantras *The immense benefits of Pranayama *Physical, mental and psychosomatic benefits *Auras and chakra meditation *The benefits of Kundalini awakening

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redirects prana to a specific part, he can see tangible sensations; for instance, that part becomes warm or even quite hot or, sometimes, rather cool. It is possible for your leg muscles and knees to become warm, or your head to become cool. (Yes, indeed, we want a ‘cool’ head and ‘warm’ feet.) Before a major decision, you may meditate and direct your prana to the head so that it becomes really ‘cool’ and then you may proceed to discuss the matter. Practice 8: Directing Prana Sit in a

that all these great sadhus travelled widely through the length and breadth of India and some of them extensively toured foreign countries as well. The tremendous energies exhibited by them were due to the awakening of their Visuddhi, Muladhara and Manipura chakras. Some of them travelled when they were very young, like Swami Vivekananda and Adi Shankara, while Swami Chinmaya and Srila Prabhupada travelled even in advanced years. When Prabhupada went to New York to preach for the first time, he

in detail and are well documented. Many meditators experience reduced tension and mental calmness even after short practise of meditation. Athigher levels of meditation, one can expect an understanding of a wider and broader view of life, more tolerance and expanding love towards all – slowly you leave anger and resentment behind. You become more forgiving and thereby capable of expanding zones of LOVE towards all – including your sworn enemies. This stage may be reached after a few months or

Visualise a blank screen in your mind’s eye. Visualise a white, cloth screen (rectangular) stretched frame. Visualise your favourite scenic spot (beach, mountain top, valley, garden) in that frame. Visualise as many details as you can in that picture. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes (start with at least three minutes). Note: This practice will give you a calm mind, inner joy and help reduce mental tension. It is like taking a mini-vacation for a few minutes! General Aspects Creative

Curing is by an external agency – through drugs or surgical intervention. Healing is an internal process – your own immunity is increased and healing occurs. Through meditation, one increases one’s own power of healing – by reducing physical and mental tensions, by improving mental functioning and above all, by reducing fear, nervousness and by auto-suggestion. Healers help to direct cosmic energy towards patients. (Some may practice Reiki or pranic healing along with meditation.) 14. Can

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