Savage Lane

Savage Lane

Jason Starr

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1943818037

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


In Savage Lane, Jason Starr has crafted a searing tale of suspense that proves the adage: Love thy neighbor, but don’t pull down your hedge. Karen Daily, recently divorced, lives with her two kids in a quaint suburb of New York City. She’s teaching at a nearby elementary school, starting to date again, and for the first time in years has found joy in her life. Mark Berman, Karen’s friend and neighbor, wants out of his unhappy marriage, and so does his wife, Deb, but they have stayed together for the sake of their children.

Unbeknownst to Karen, while Mark’s marriage has deteriorated his obsession with her has grown. And as Mark’s rich fantasy life takes on a more sinister edge, rumors begin to spread about Karen and a bigger secret is uncovered. And soon Karen finds that Mark is not the only one who has taken an undesired interest in her…

Jason Starr is one of our most accomplished writers of the darkness that lies within the human heart, and Savage Lane is his most riveting and intimate novel yet—a dark, domestic thriller and an honest, searing satire of a declining marriage, suburban life, and obsessive love.

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What’s he going to have to do before you walk out, kill me?” “Stop it,” she said. “Or kill Kyle?” “I said stop it.” “You know it’s gonna happen,” Owen said. “It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened already. And what about you? How much more abuse can you take?” Now she turned, whispering but it seemed like she was yelling, “Keep your voice down.” “What, you’re afraid he’s gonna hear me?” Owen said. “Ooh, I’m so scared, Big Bad Raymond’s gonna beat me up. See, I don’t have to run away from him

right—the next few hours could be key to the whole investigation. On his way out to talk to Karen, Larry held a mini press conference in front of the precinct. There were several reporters and TV crews, including NBC and CBS. After a general statement about the case and the status of the investigation—providing information about the time Deborah Berman was last seen on Saturday evening and giving a description of her SUV that had been found at the John Jay High School parking lot—he took

asked. The coffee was spurting into the mug. “What’s there to talk about?” Typical Mark, preferring to let things stew than deal with an issue head-on. “About yesterday in the car.” She lowered her voice to make sure Justin couldn’t overhear. “I still feel bad for attacking you. That was wrong of me.” “Whatever,” Mark said, still staring at the coffeemaker. “It was no big deal.” Deb noticed Mark was holding his iPhone. This was normal too—well, normal lately. He seemed to carry his cell

from the liquor cabinet, she could walk away from Owen Harrison. All she had to do was be strong, focus on the things she couldn’t afford to lose, and she could do it. On her way upstairs she saw that the door to Mark’s office was open, and he wasn’t there, and then she spotted him in the bedroom, sitting at the foot of the bed in gym shorts and a T-shirt, pulling his socks on. This was very new behavior. For years the only exercise he got was when he played golf, but lately he’d been going

than a week, he looked like he’d aged five years. His face was very thin, and he looked exhausted. After he hugged her grandmother and Justin, he limped over to Riley and hugged her as tight as he could, but Riley’s arms remained by her sides. “I’m telling you right now, that crazy woman isn’t going to be my stepmother,” Riley said. “I’ll run away from home, I’ll kill myself before I let that happen.” Her dad looked confused. “What are you talking about?” His voice was soft and scratchy; it was

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