Scandalous Truth (Urban Christian)

Scandalous Truth (Urban Christian)

Monica Carter

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1601629761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nikki Broussard hasn't always been saved, but she is now, and that's what counts. Happily married and raising an active young daughter, her past is tucked safely away--until a tragic turn of events threatens to unravel her idyllic life.
When their daughter is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, Nikki and William worry about how they will afford her treatment. Nikki's faith is tested as she considers returning to her old ways in order to pay for it.
To add to their stress, William is thrust into the spotlight when he decides to run for mayor after a candidate--his pastor and mentor--winds up dead. Suddenly, every detail of their life is under scrutiny. As William struggles to live out the commitment he feels to his dead pastor, Nikki wonders if the details of her past will emerge and damage their relationship.
When life spins out of control, the scandalous truth can be too much for anyone--even a Christian family--to bear.

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said. “I can’t let my baby get sick to where she is in as much pain as she was last night. It was horrible. She cried so much that her throat was sore and finally, all she could do was hiccup. I felt so bad. If I could have taken her pain as my own, I would have. I’ll do whatever I have to for my child.” “Shouldn’t you trust in God?” Danielle prodded. “Faith—” “—without works is dead,” Nikki interrupted flatly. “And I’m going to work on getting my child better, no matter what it takes.”

number, but quickly hung up. “I’m not calling him!” She hissed the words at the silent phone in her hand. “Danielle Esperanza doesn’t chase men. Men chase me.” Male attention was nothing new for her. In fact, if Danielle went somewhere and didn’t get hit on, then that would be news. “Every man wants me,” she reminded herself. “And old silly Troy is no different. He just has a little attitude because I cussed him out last night.” Danielle dropped the cell phone onto the couch and flipped on the

Keedra said. “We all make mistakes. I know you were just trying to protect your baby.” The compassion she heard in her friend’s voice drew a lump to Nikki’s throat. She hadn’t expected Keedra to understand. After all, Nikki was beating herself up so much, she expected everyone else to do the same. “It just got really out of hand,” she said. “I knew better. But I just let my emotions get in the way of my common sense.” “Well, you and William must have been backed into a corner,” Keedra said.

seemed to blush under her gratitude, and Danielle stifled a grin. Pretty soon, she would have him doing more of her work, she knew. Chapter 46 “Psalm, stop running in the house!” Nikki snapped at the girl and Psalm instantly started wailing. Nikki shook her head and pushed away from the computer. “Baby, I’m sorry,” she said, holding the child close. “Mommy didn’t mean to yell.” Psalm’s tears were gone in an instant and Nikki sighed as the girl’s attention was diverted to the markers and

could speak, he held up his hand. “No, let me guess. Another one of your lies, right?” The words cut Nikki deeply, but she struggled not to show the hurt. She spoke clearly. “No, William. I didn’t lie. I told you I had an errand. If you’ll recall, you showed no interest in my whereabouts and told me you were going to bed. So I didn’t think you’d care.” “You didn’t think I’d care to know you were coming down to break into my office?” “I didn’t break in!” Nikki’s voice rose. She struggled to

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