Scout (The Puppy Place, No. 7)

Scout (The Puppy Place, No. 7)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439874122

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Even after Charles and Lizzie Peterson finally have their own puppy, they still foster other dogs and help them find the perfect homes.

Scout is a gorgeous German shepherd puppy and there two families are already lined up to adopt her. But when both families end up backing out at the last minute, the Petersons step in once again to save the day. Scout clearly has the skills to be a search and rescue dog, but can Charles and Lizzie find her a home that will help her reach her full potential?

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had arrived. CHAPTER TWO “Lizzie, do you want to hold Scout while we go over her paperwork?” Meg asked. Lizzie’s eyes were shining. Did she want to hold Scout? Oh, yes, she did. She could hardly wait. In a moment, the puppy was in her arms. Lizzie buried her nose in Scout’s soft fur. “Welcome to Littleton, Scout!” she murmured. Scout felt warm and safe in the girl’s arms. The airplane ride had been fun but a little bit loud and scary. Scout loved adventure, but she also loved hugs. “Here’s

That is, until she grabbed the toy and swung it away, teasing the younger pups by stealing their prize. Lizzie and Charles and their parents could not stop laughing as they watched the three dogs playing. It was quite a sight. Scout was the smallest. She looked like a miniature Casey, only fluffier and with those flopped-over ears. Buddy was bigger, about up to Casey’s shoulder. He had grown since the Petersons had adopted him, but he was still a roly-poly puppy who liked to chase his tail and

way from Ohio! Meg knew of three different families who were hoping to give a German shepherd puppy a home. That’s why Lizzie and Meg were zipping along the highway in Meg’s bright blue van. The van had a special area in back for Casey, with a box called a crate where she could be safe. Meg had left Casey at Lizzie’s house so the new puppy, Scout, could ride in the van today. Meg and Casey traveled in the bright blue van a lot, because Casey was a search-and-rescue dog. Meg had trained Casey

“Also, most dogs don’t really like to be hugged by someone they don’t know. So, if the owner says it’s okay, you can start off by letting the dog sniff your hand. If the dog doesn’t shy away, you can pat it gently.” By now, Casey was pushing her head against Lizzie’s hand, begging for a pat. Lizzie and Charles scratched between Casey’s ears while Meg began to explain how Casey worked. “Dogs have an excellent sense of smell,” Meg said. “In fact, it’s about ten thousand times better than ours! So

wrecked in the earthquake. Casey was helping to find people who had been trapped inside. There had only been one e-mail that day, a short one to say that Meg and Casey had arrived in Mexico and that they might not be able to write again for a few days. Lizzie knew she would worry about them until they were both home, safe and sound. Someday Scout might be doing that kind of work, too! Lizzie picked up another chocolate chip cookie and tossed a quarter into the change box. “Split this with me?”

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