Second To Cry (The Avalon series, Book 2)

Second To Cry (The Avalon series, Book 2)

Carys Jones

Language: English

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Sometimes, behind the simplest cases…

Lawyer Aiden Connolly’s new case seems to be a run-of-the-mill paternity dispute. Millionaire Sam Fern suspects that his son is not his own flesh and blood, and he wants a paternity test to prove it. Fern’s wife Deena, a glamorous former model, is desperate to convince Aiden of her innocence…and she will go to any lengths to prove it.

…hide the darkest truths.

Meanwhile, Aiden is haunted by the memory of another beauty – Brandy White, who he worked to free from a murder charge. The woman he unwittingly fell in love with…and the woman who will once again draw him into a tangle of love and lies. With more than his reputation on the line, can Aiden hold his nerve – when nothing else seems certain?

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button. At last he spotted it and rolled down his window, allowing his left arm to be exposed to the fierce afternoon heat. He pressed the button and waited. There was no crackle like there was with the intercom at the office. Instead a male voice responded, sharp and clear as though they were stood right beside him. ‘Can I help you?’ ‘It’s Aiden Connelly, I’m here to see Samuel Fern.’ ‘Come and park in the visitors’ area,’ the voice instructed as the strong gates began to slide open. Aiden

their young son to know so instead of saying the word they spelt it out. Divorce was difficult, whether you spelt it out or not. ‘If you don’t bang her, you’ll always wish you had,’ Justin’s voice echoed in his head, arriving uninvited. Aiden tried to dismiss the comments from his mind, unsure why his memory was so intent on dredging it back up from the past. Maybe his subconscious was trying to tell him something. Perhaps he wanted to stop thinking about Brandy and the only solution he could

eyes, lingering on the precipice of sleep. ‘There’s no such thing as a bad lay,’ Justin’s voice bounced around his head, an old memory resurfacing. ‘Only a wrong lay.’ This time they were sat in John’s car. He handed Aiden the bottle of vodka and he drank deeply from it, wanting to shut out a previously bad sexual encounter. ‘If you’re not into it, it means you’re not into her,’ Justin had offered his teenage wisdom in between taking long drags on his cigarette. ‘Only girls get headaches,’

into the airport, the hectic sounds of outside melted away and were replaced by the constant loudspeaker updates about which gate was boarding and which flight had been delayed, which struggled to be heard over the endless drone of countless people talking to each other, into cell phones or even to themselves. Airports were always horrendously busy. It was the one thing Aiden liked least about them. It made the whole airplane journey more of an ordeal. Once you were boarded and in your seat, the

around her head; her usual beauty regime had clearly fallen away that day. Aiden noted just how much like Medusa she appeared, with her wild dark curls and her cruel ways. It pained him that he had been blind to his wife’s true nature for so long. ‘You’ve always been selfish,’ Aiden continued. ‘But it’s never been at the expense of others before, not like this.’ He looked out in to the kitchen and at Avalon beyond through the small window. A sick feeling of guilt curdled in his stomach as he

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