Secret Seven Win Through (Secret Seven, Book 7)

Secret Seven Win Through (Secret Seven, Book 7)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 51

ISBN: 1444913492

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The meeting place of the Secret Seven is destroyed by their gardener. The seven are angry but they find a good cave for their meetings.. But somebody else is using it too. It's Susie, Jack's annoying sister who helps them catch the intruder.

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doesn't seem much else in the book, actually. Just a few notes of money and various dates —and a few words scribbled here and there. Let's see—yes—"potatoes, turnips, tomatoes, flour", just a shopping list, I suppose.' He turned over a page or two. 'Another shopping list, and some figures jotted down. It doesn't seem as if this note-book is going to be of any use at all!' Jack took it from him and looked through it too. At the back was a folded-in piece of leather to hold paper money. Peter

listen with all your ears, and hear what's being said!' 'Right,' said Colin, thrilled. 'Can you come, Jack?' 'Rather!' said Jack. 'And what about us shadowing Albert and Jim, Peter? One of us could follow Albert, and the other one could follow Jim. It might be useful to know where Jim lives—and I must say I'd like to follow Albert if he goes back to the cave!' 'A jolly good idea,' said Peter. 'I only wish I could come too. But it's no good. I begged and begged to go to "Westward Ho!", and I

thought he spied a scarecrow at the end of a field. He jumped off his bicycle and squeezed through the hedge—only to face a surprised and angry farm-labourer, hoeing vigorously. 'Oh—sorry—I     thought you were a scarecrow,' said George very foolishly, backing away through the hedge. The farm-labourer, angry at being called a scarecrow, flung a clod of earth at George. It shattered into bits all over him. George spat some out of his mouth. 'Phoo! That was a good shot on his part!' said

said Colin. But nobody agreed with him. They thought the shed was the finest place in the world for Secret Seven meetings! The Seven, followed by Scamper with his tail well down, went slowly up the garden path. Somehow it seemed dreadful not to have their usual meeting-place. 'We'll go to the summer-house,' said Peter. 'Oh, look, there's Mummy, Janet. We'll ask her about the shed.' 'Mummy!' called Janet. 'Why didn't you tell us the shed was going to be cleaned and painted—our own shed, I

the garden to collect the old cushions they had had in the shed. The gardener had put them into another shed, together with the boxes, sacks, and other things. He was very busy repairing the old shed. The two children peeped inside. It would certainly be nice and clean when it was all finished. 'I'd rather have the cave for the holidays though,' said Peter, and Janet nodded. They were very laden indeed as they made their way down to the quarry. Scamper carried a bone in his mouth. He knew

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