Secrets of the Swamp

Secrets of the Swamp

Language: English

Pages: 72

ISBN: 9814484164

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Three brothers are supposed to go to a mangrove swamp to take pictures of horseshoe crabs for a school project, but they really just want to have some fun. They end up having more than just fun – they have the adventure of a lifetime.

In this humorous tale full of twists and turns, Alfie, Pacey and Luke discover many mysterious secrets of the swamp: up-close encounters with wildlife big and small, a spooky house and an underground staircase, plastic birds in a future world – and a strange little man with an ingenious plan…

Contains extra interactive content, including a free pull-out map, a word-puzzle and a scavenger quiz!

Published in partnership with Singapore’s National Parks Board (NParks), Secrets of the Swamp is a rollicking kids’ adventure story that emphasises the importance of encouraging children’s relationships with nature, and our shared responsibility in nurturing the natural environment around us.

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and a gust of wind blew his grey, straggly hair. “Come with me,” he said firmly. “We're not going down there,” Alfie replied. “We don't know what will happen to us down there.” “You don't know what will happen to you up here,” Swamp Man said. “If we go down there, we might never get out again.” “If you stay up here, you might never get out again,” countered Swamp Man. Luke and Pacey wandered past their brother and followed Swamp Man. They were already bored with the living

room. Their bellies had stopped twisting and groaning. Somehow, Swamp Man's voice soothed them. They were no longer afraid. He was grouchy, but he wasn't frightening. “Are you coming with us, Alfie? Or are you staying in the dark with the bats?” Luke asked. 24 25 Alfie found his footing on a step beneath the trapdoor. He glanced at the animal paintings around the darkened living room. Then he slammed the trapdoor shut. Pacey thought the spiral staircase went on

of kids, climbing frames, suspension bridges, merry-go-rounds and monkey bars. Luke clambered up the stairs and dived head first down the slide. He screamed all the way to the bottom. It was not a happy scream. He fell off the slide and staggered towards Amelia. His arms and thighs were red and blistering. His sore skin was bubbling and peeling before his eyes. “Don't go down the slide,” he sobbed. “It's not safe. Why is it burning me, Amelia?” Amelia covered her eyes and peered

book? Answers can be found on the following page — no peeking before you're done! All plants and wildlife featured in this book are found in Singapore, except for the rafflesia, which can be found in the Malay Peninsula, Borneo and other parts of Southeast Asia. For more information about the plants, animals, birds and insects found in this book, you can visit the following website: WORD SEARCH Here are some of the creatures that Alfie, Pacey and Luke

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