Selby Shattered (Selby, Book 14)

Selby Shattered (Selby, Book 14)

Duncan Ball

Language: English

Pages: 65

ISBN: 0207200661

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Search for Selby Society is hot on his trail and eager to tell the world his secret. And, as if that isn't bad enough, there are shipwrecks, evil curses, ghostly gagsters and - worst of all - the Triple Terror out to get him. Oh woe woe woe - what is a dog to do? Read this book and see!

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cake and put it in the oven. Meanwhile, Willy and Billy threw away the spoiled food and cleaned the walls and ceiling. Selby got lots of biscuits out of the cupboard and put bits of cheese on them and then found a loaf of bread and made sandwiches. When the washing machine finished, the clothes and tablecloths went into the dryer. Soon, Willy and Billy were dressed and everything looked neat and tidy. Selby got the cake out of the oven. ‘Open the curtains in the loungeroom now and keep an eye

their laptops. ‘Gosh!’ Miles said. ‘We sure are tipping a long way over.’ ‘We sure are,’ Zak agreed. ‘You don’t think we could tip right over, do you?’ Once again, Eva touched the little screen on TINY the computer. ‘Don’t worry. If we lean over any more then TINY will pull in some of those pieces of cloth and we’ll go back up straight again.’ ‘But what if a big wave comes along and slams into us from the side and we tip upside-down?’ Miles asked. Eva pulled out her pocket calculator and

knights and castles and people fighting weird monsters. You and I saw one on DVD. Remember a film called Dragon Mist Enigma? That was one of his.’ ‘He made that?!’ Selby thought. ‘That was brilliant! I loved all that stuff with fighting monsters.’ ‘He made that?’ Dr Trifle said. ‘I liked it but there was too much monster-fighting for me.’ ‘We also saw Legions of the Fire King and Snow Dream Castle.‘ ‘I loved those films, too!’ Selby thought. ‘I can’t believe he’s actually here in Bogusville!’

cooled water at the same time.’ ‘It did?’ ‘Yes. So I put the water-heater thingy in the freezer and, well, somehow it changed normal water into Nice water. When I poured it into my tea cup, it warmed up and froze solid.’ ‘I never did understand about water freezing,’ Mrs Trifle said. ‘At school they told us that water was made of little bits like soldiers running around everywhere. When you made it really cold, the soldiers lined up in rows and then they all held hands like one solid block.’

whole show full of jokes?’ Gary sighed. ‘Will you guys do me a favour? Would you come to my show this afternoon and see if you can spot the heckler and point him out to me? It’s hard for me to see because of the spotlights on stage shining in my eyes.’ ‘You can count on us, Gary,’ Mrs Trifle said. ‘We’ll be there.’ ‘And so will I,’ thought Selby. ‘But I’ll have to sneak in.’ That afternoon, Dr and Mrs Trifle and Gary drove to the theatre together. Selby ran after them, taking every short-cut

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