Sepp Holzer's Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening

Sepp Holzer's Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening

Sepp Holzer

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 160358370X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sepp Holzer farms steep mountainsides in Austria 1,500 meters above sea level. His farm is an intricate network of terraces, raised beds, ponds, waterways and tracks, well covered with productive fruit trees and other vegetation, with the farmhouse neatly nestling amongst them. This is in dramatic contrast to his neighbors' spruce monocultures.In this book, Holzer shares the skill and knowledge acquired over his lifetime. He covers every aspect of his farming methods, not just how to create a holistic system on the farm itself, but how to make a living from it. Holzer writes about everything from the overall concepts, down to the practical details.In Sepp Holzer's Permaculturereaders will learn:

  • How he sets up a permaculture system
  • The fruit varieties he has found best for permaculture growing
  • How to construct terraces, ponds, and waterways
  • How to build shelters for animals and how to work with them on the land
  • How to cultivate edible mushrooms in the garden and on the farm
  • and much more!

Holzer offers a wealth of information for the gardener, smallholder or alternative farmer yet the book's greatest value is the attitudes it teaches. He reveals the thinking processes based on principles found in nature that create his productive systems. These can be applied anywhere.


















terrace has quickly made it possible to cultivate more demanding plants. second year, more terraces are created between the original terraces once they are completely stable. On steep slopes the first terrace should be started at the lowest point. Then you should work your way up. If material begins to slide down while you are working, the terraces below will collect it. The material can then be incorporated into the soil. Stones can be placed on the terrace for additional stability and heat

After the catch crop is harvested the field can be planted with winter crops in the autumn. Naturally, this kind of intensive use is only possible when none of the crops are grown in a monoculture. In order to provide the crops with the nutrients they need, a balanced mixture of plants which improve the soil and fix nitrogen is required. The polycultures will not exhaust the soil of any one nutrient, because they have different requirements. It is also important not to harvest everything, but

to around 400 to 500 euros a day in Austria (around 10 work hours). If you allow for the cost of the sheeting, nails and your own labour, the total will be between 700 and 800 euros, if you have the timber already. The lifespan of a building like this, of course, varies depending on the type of wood used and the dimensions. If you use larch or robinia wood with a diameter of 30 to 40cm, it will last for around 30 years. For a building constructed in a single day that is a remarkably long time. A

soil (if it is too dry the yield and fruit will be small), sensitive to frost, but very good as a windbreak tree, self-pollinating End of September to mid-October Very sweet and aromatic, can be processed in many diļ¬€erent ways 121 Sepp Holzer's Permaculture Variety Location and Characteristics Ripening Ti me Fruit Characteristics Kirke's Undemanding, resistant to cold, well suited to harsh conditions and high altitudes September Large, sweet, juicy dessert plum, cannot self-pollinate

investigated. Experimentation is, as always, the most important thing. As soon as you begin to work in this area and attempt something new, you will start to understand the causal relationships. In my experience, you will not have to wait long for your first successes. 155 S e p p Holzer's Permaculture Substrate of sawdust around birch boletes (Leccinum scabrum). Birch boletes (Leccinum scabrum) introduced on an island with birch trees. 156 Cultivating Mushrooms DISTRIBUTING SPORES 157

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