Sicilian Carousel

Sicilian Carousel

Lawrence Durrell

Language: English

Pages: 295

ISBN: 1604190159

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Although Durrell spent much of his life beside the Mediterranean, he wrote relatively little about Italy; it was always somewhere that he was passing through on the way to somewhere else. Sicilian Carousel is his only piece of extended writing on the country and, naturally enough for the islomaniac Durrell, it focuses on one of Italy's islands. Sicilian Carousel came relatively late in Durrell's career, and is based around a slightly fictionalized bus tour of the island.

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little cemetery. This little halt had been organized specifically for Deeds by Roberto. It was a war cemetery which came into his purlieu for inspection. Accordingly he somewhat apologetically took himself off in the direction of the British and Canadian graves, lighting a cigarette and promising us not to be long. Roberto turned us loose in the road and we straggled about for a while like lost sheep. I walked a little way and entered a vineyard where I found a patch of grass, almost burned brown

great tomb has sunk back into its original sinister anonymity. But the mystery of the Japanese behavior was absolute; we could not evolve a theory to account for this little wave of hysteria. Unless, as Beddoes suggested, they were suddenly filled with the conviction that this gorgon-like figure was a sort of carnival joke, placed there to evoke innocent merriment. Miss Lobb walked about with a pleasant air of having done her duty. The two old apple people sat down in a clump of bushes and

sat up to look at the forest. I thought at first what I had heard was muffled sobbing somewhere in the building. I am still not sure. But what had happened was that a powerful surge of wind had sailed upon the promontory and bent the pines. It made a sudden rich hum, like a sweep of strings long drawn out but slowly dying away. Then the quivering silence returned. But one felt excited, on the qui vive. It was exactly as if one woke in the middle of the night on the African veldt slowly to realize

in order to buy some toothpaste, aspirin, and tissues, which I did need, I was forced to accept as “change” a pair of silk stockings, a surgical bandage for sprains, and a pair of nail scissors. This sort of thing was going on in all the shops with the result that people were being loaded down like Christmas trees with things they didn’t want. I even got a telephone tally of nickel as part of my change in a tobacconist’s shop. It represented the price of a local phone call. Of course we were

63 Minoa 81 Mistral, Frédéric 184 Monreale 255 Monte Giuliano 216 Monte Pellegrino 251 Morgantina 146 Mycenae 192, 234 N Naxos 2, 46, 269 280, 282, 289 O Olympia 80, 234 Ortygia 85–86, 101 P Paleocastrizza 86, 262, 273 Palermo 201, 208, 226, 233, 241–242, 244 Pantalica 284 Paphos 17, 133 Parparella 218 Paul, Saint 121, 180 Pausanias 69, 78–81, 258, 285 Persia 17, 208, 270 Piazza Armerina 141 Pindar 78, 94, 279 Pirandello, Luigi 103, 158–159 Plato 75, 176 Pliny 273, 280

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