Singapore Rebel: Searching for Annabel Chong

Singapore Rebel: Searching for Annabel Chong

Gerrie Lim

Language: English

Pages: 95


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Back in January 1995 in Los Angeles, California, a Singaporean pornstar named Annabel Chong took cultural rebellion to an extreme, on terms that had never been negotiated before. She was filmed having sex with a long receiving line of men, servicing them 251 times over a ten-hour period to set a new world record: The World’s Biggest Gangbang.

Now bestselling author Gerrie Lim, Annabel’s longtime friend and confidant, revisits those events and reexamines those scenarios to shed new light on her legend, to discover why such an enduring curiosity about her exists, and to learn why she is still regarded in her own native Singapore as something akin to a mythological figure. As Lim writes, “she did this gangbang as a gender studies/liberal- progressive/feminist statement to subvert gender stereotypes, but no one got it.”

This book, featuring many of the author’s own conversations and correspondences with Annabel over the years, is the first serious inquiry into the fascinating persona of a seldom discussed, yet often secretly venerated, Asian celebrity.

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exactly “taking care of you.” But Annabel Chong went one step further. She was in the service of Messalina’s revenge, knowing how the nymphomaniacal empress had already transcended her murder. Because they would remember her forever. Because she hadn’t merely captured your attention. She had captured your imagination. Double Trouble On March 28, 2009, I received an email from Annabel Chong, asking me if I would go on a trip with her to, of all places, Iceland: Hey Gerrie! This is a

Singapore and, by now, he’s like completely given up. Which I was kind of sad about. We took really divergent paths – he decided to stay and I decided to leave, because I was in a state of despair. I was like, “It’s not going to get better, let me just get out of here.” He joined the main political party in order to try to reform it from within, but now he’s left. He was very disappointed. But I really respected him for trying. I don’t think things are really going to change, at least not in

will assure you. You could say, however, that she was deserving of her fame because she was the very first one in the history books. It was like you forgot all the other guitar players once you heard Jimi Hendrix. (Well, Hendrix was quite the legendary Lothario, so it’s an apt comparison.) Even in this modern age of media saturation, we can still be enthralled by the romance of provenance – nature abhors a vacuum and something must necessarily come from somewhere – even in these unctuous times

performing an extreme scene in Depraved Fantasies 3, the next she’s involved in a “presidential debate” at Cambridge University. Sex does an effective job of juxtaposing the two lives of Annabel Chong and Grace Quek. For example, she seems quite uncomfortable negotiating with Robert Black a price to do sex scenes that include fisting and pissing. In the next scene, we find she’s an accomplished painter. She spews freely about her exploiting her own sexuality in explicit terms, and describes her

filled with updates on recent developments – in the beginning of the year 2000, for instance, she announced the theatrical release of the Sex: The Annabel Chong Story documentary film, her strip club tour dates, her intentions to start a new production company in partnership with the director David Aaron Clark, and her plans to film a second documentary (“about what it is like to be a documentary film subject … a personal and at times humorous look at the foibles of self-promotion”). The second

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