Whatever After #3: Sink or Swim

Whatever After #3: Sink or Swim

Sarah Mlynowski

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0545415705

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Once again my brother and I are in hot water . . .

We weren't planning to mess up the fairy tales. The first two times we did it by accident. But when our magic mirror pulls us into the story of the Little Mermaid, we have no choice but to try and rewrite it. Let's just say the original story does NOT end happily!

Now we need to:
- Convince our mermaid to keep her tail
- Plan a royal wedding
- Avoid getting eaten by sharks

We've got to find a happy ending for the Little Mermaid . . . before she's fish food and we're lost at sea forever!

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that your brother?” “He definitely is,” I say, finally finding the sand with my tiptoes. “You only have sisters, right?” She nods. “Lucky.” I laugh. “And you’re the youngest, huh?” She nods again and runs her fingers through her wet hair. “How did you know that?” she asks. “Humans never know anything about me.” “Yeah, well, I’ve read your story. That’s what I want to talk to you about. I know that you’re a mermaid and that you love the prince and that you want to trade your tail for two

own life, I wanted everyone to be as miserable as I was. I was a coward.” We hug all the sisters, and then we are ready to go. “What do we do?” I ask, eyeing the bubbling cauldron with a little bit of fear. “Just swim right into it,” Nelly says. “We won’t burn?” “You shouldn’t.” “But I don’t understand,” I say. “I thought only fairies could get us home.” “I am a fairy,” she says. Huh? “We thought you were a witch,” Jonah says. “A witch is a fairy who does bad things,” she says. “See, it

sign. I can’t tell if this mermaid is the Little Mermaid or just a mermaid. I need to remember the original story. My nana read it to me a million times. I just have to focus, and it’ll all come back to me. Too bad there’s no time to focus. From about twenty feet away, the mermaid’s head bobs above the surf. She looks right at us, gasps, and disappears under the water. A second later, she pushes the guy toward us and swims in the other direction. “We scared her,” Jonah says. “Wait!” I call to

didn’t realize I’d be going to a beach. After grabbing the prince in a bear hug, the king turns to us. “Dudes! We are so grateful that you saved our son,” he says. Dudes? I’m not a dude. “It wasn’t just us,” I say. “A mermaid brought him to shore.” The king laughs. “Sure, dude. Whatever you say. We’re just grateful that he’s okay. After he disappeared off the ship we assumed the worst.” “You’ll be our guest for a few days, won’t you, darlings?” the queen asks, not letting go of her son’s

technically the basement is their home office. So of course they are allowed to work in it. But how were we supposed to get sucked into the magic mirror when our parents were awake and standing right there? We couldn’t. It was a problem. Why were my parents working at the ridiculous hour of midnight? No, they do not work for a twenty-four-hour call center. They do not work for a bakery, either, and they are not getting up to make the doughnuts. Or brownies. (Or crownies. That’s an inside joke

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