Sky Eyes: Dissociative Identity Disorder from the Bottom Up

Sky Eyes: Dissociative Identity Disorder from the Bottom Up

Language: English

Pages: 313


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A true tale of Dissociative Identity Disorder (a form of multiple personality disorder).

Stacy Bewick is lost. Lost inside her head. Born to parents who abused her body, mind and soul, Stacy learned to survive through psychic connections to angelic spirit guides and by creating inner personalities.

By the time Stacy was two, the personality called "Marla" knew how to find food in the paper garbage sack in the kitchen. When she was four, the personality called "George" knew how to be strong enough to block the pain from Mommy's forsythia whips and Daddy's leather belt.

Stacy didn't grow up in a remote village or primitive culture. Stacy grew up in a small town in New Jersey in the 1960s.

Sky Eyes is a personal journey into dissociative identity disorder. Though based on a true story, names, dates and identifying information have been changed. One of the main visible symptoms of DID is the lack of a single stable personality. Like post-traumatic stress disorder, DID is created as a result of trauma and extreme, prolonged abuse.

Stories like Sybil and The Three faces of Eve help readers connect with adults who suffer from DID. Sky Eyes is unique in that it describes each of her multiple personalities as it develops in a child. Step into Stacy's world and discover what happens when society ignores abuse.

83,300 words (equivalent to 312 pages in a mass market paperback book)

Rated "R"

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Dark Woman dragged her to the kitchen and rummaged in the silverware drawer for a wooden spoon. Stacy’s fingers burrowed into the four-inch long bear, a gift from Uncle Ed, while the Dark Woman tattooed her anger and frustration into her daughter’s body and left Stacy hiccuppy with hyperventilation. Afterward, the Dark Woman reclined on the sofa, puffing a Lucky Strike. Sipping rosé. Stacy took the part of herself that had been whipped and willed it into Clancey. Willed the red welts the spoon

flashes of red energy flowing from her parents. Wild One rocked, sucking its thumb, banging its head against the wall. “See what you’ve done?” Bill shouted. “You’re driving her nuts!” “You’re driving me nuts!” Jean snapped, stomping out of the room. The pupils of Daddy’s hazel-brown eyes narrowed to pinpoints. The tendons in his arms bulged. He clenched his fists and ran after Mommy. The bathroom door slammed. Daddy’s fists pounded. “You better let me in, if you know what’s good for you!” he

but after a few minutes she was forced to hunch over. “Look, Jill! I’m a dinosaur!” she cried in an effort to act normal. “Stand up straight!” Mommy snapped. She straightened. Clutched her stomach. Crouched. After a week, Daddy took her to the hospital. Down halls lined with gleaming white and yellow tiles to a room filled with a row of narrow beds. A doctor wearing a white coat prodded her stomach. Stacy blacked out. Came to in her bedroom. Feeling like she’d slept for a long time. No one

lifted her left leg to catch it. The glass shattered, leaving two red gashes on her knee. “Oh my God!” Mommy cried. “Get inside.” Holding her hand over her knee to slow the blood, Stacy limped into the house. Mommy put a towel over Stacy’s leg and called Daddy. Daddy said Stacy would have to wait until he finished work. Eight ours passed. Her knee throbbed. She lay wet washcloths across the cuts to hide the fat that poked from beneath the skin. “Looks like I we need to go to the hospital for

of controlling techniques and their consequences than to vilify a single group. Steven Hassan has written extensively on the subject of mind control. His writings have helped me break the conditioning of the fundamentalist group. He and many others have dedicated their lives to educating people of the tactics of controlling groups. If you’d like to learn more about control tactics, check Steven Hassan’s web site or do a web search on mind control. The Sidran Institute and the National Alliance

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