Slight and Shadow (Fate's Forsaken, Book 2)

Slight and Shadow (Fate's Forsaken, Book 2)

Shae Ford

Language: English

Pages: 399

ISBN: 2:00305321

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Winter has finally broken its hold over the Kingdom -- but as the snows melt, trouble springs up in its place. A dark cloud hangs over Midlan: the army has retreated behind its high walls, not a word slips out from between its gates. And rumors swirl that the King has gone mad. Kael knows nothing of this: his sights are on the plains. But with his horrible luck following him wherever he goes, it doesn't take long for his plan to unravel. He finds himself trapped in Gilderick's clutches and forced to work as a slave, laboring alongside the giants -- who don't exactly welcome him. In fact, he begins to suspect that some would rather see him dead. If Kael is going to have any chance to survive, he'll have to come up with a new plan - and quickly.

Meanwhile, Kyleigh finds herself locked in a sprint across the desert. Time presses against her: there is a force gathered in Whitebone that threatens to undo everything, should it reach the plains. But her pride blinds her to the dangers, and it isn't long before she and her companions are lost among the towering dunes. The strange magic of the sun drains their strength, misfortune nips at their heels, but they are determined to save their friends. And so they'll brave the desert's every peril -- be it storms, or cave trolls, or flesh-eating worms.


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his scrawny hide down here — and tell him I’ve got half a mind to blast those doors to splinters!” A burly man popped out of the crowd and took a few stomping steps towards the castle. Even in the faint light, Kyleigh could see the bushy sideburns on either side of his boiling face. He was in the middle of a rather colorful rant when he glanced up and spotted her. “Ah, sorry about that,” he muttered. She reached up to clap him on one of his thick shoulders. “No need for apologies, Shamus. I’ve

seemed very interested in checking the sturdiness of the crate. “What did you order from the desert?” “I already told you — it’s nothing. Now, why don’t you go and catch another hour of sleep before sunrise?” He tried to turn her away by the shoulders, but she broke his grip and wrenched the lid off the crate. She heard the captain gasp as the nails splintered from the wood, but she was too focused on the crate’s contents to worry about what a spectacle she was causing. And judging by the reek

important than friendship. Maybe it was. And if that was the case, then there was a very good possibility that Kael didn’t have his boxes stacked in the right order. But he was all right with that: there were far worse things than being a fool. So as he met Brend’s eyes, Kael held on tightly. And then the world slipped away. ******* Kael stood in a long hallway. It was wreathed in soft light and lined with sturdy doors. He realized that this must be the Threshold: the room at the front of

for them. She held hands with Silas — who looked rather frightened about it. His fingers stuck out straight and his arm was twisted away from her, as if he expected her to spring up and try to bite him at any moment. Kyleigh laughed at the sight. “Is it finished?” Hessa said, her eyes flicking worriedly over the soldiers. “It happened just as you said it would,” one of the mots called. “Blood spilt upon the ground will rise into a red sun, and its light will chase away our shadows.” The

Because the land was so flat, the highway through the Endless Plains cut straight down the middle of it. They could go from one end of the region to the other without ever having to make a turn. He traced his finger up the road until he came to a small clump of trees — the only cluster large enough to be marked on the map. “That’s where we’ll set up camp,” he said, pointing to it even though he knew Thelred wasn’t looking. He had his fists crammed so tightly against his eyes that he likely

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