Snowball (The Puppy Place)

Snowball (The Puppy Place)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439793807

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson are very good with puppies.  They want one of their own, but their mom isn't ready for them to have one full time.  For now, they help take care of puppies that need to find a new home.  They are a foster family for young dogs.

The Peterson kids hear about Snowball.  Someone left the fluffy puppy all alone at a gas station in a tattered, old box.  Snowball is sick and hungry.  He needs a family of his own.  Can Charles and Lizzy find one that is just right?


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mumbled. “I mean, we’re just going to hang out.” He wasn’t ready to tell Mom the truth about his plan. The Meadows was a short walk from school but a longer walk from home. Or at least, it seemed longer to Charles and Sammy. Snowball was not used to walking on a leash. He pulled and tugged, checking out every single smell along the way. And he sniffed each one for a really long time, bracing his legs when Charles tugged a little on his leash. Charles tried to be patient, but finally he’d had

said as she settled him onto a soft, thick blanket she’d laid on her table. The puppy liked the woman’s soft touch and soft voice. Maybe this person would give him some food! Charles bit his lip. The puppy looked so sick! It wasn’t frisky and happy, the way Goldie had been. It just sat there, looking up at Dr. Gibson with sad eyes. “Is he going to be okay?” Charles asked. “Why is he so quiet?” Dr. Gibson smiled. “I think he’ll be fine,” she said. “He’s just underfed and a little dehydrated.

doesn’t care.” “Even Goldie is a lot bigger than he is — and they’re about the same age!” said Charles. Now Goldie and Snowball were tumbling over and over in the muddy snow, mouthing at each other and growling little puppy play-growls. First Goldie would be sitting on Snowball’s head, then Snowball would be sitting on her head. Rufus stood a little way off, acting like the grownup older dog he was. Once in a while, Snowball would run away from Goldie and start to dig like crazy underneath the

Peabody about himself? Mr. Mason said that sharing likes and dislikes was a good way to get to know someone. My likes and dislikes are: I like dogs. I mean, I love them. A little while ago my family got to be a foster family for a golden retriever puppy named Goldie. A foster family takes care of a puppy for a little while. And they help find a really good forever home for the puppy, too. Mom says our family isn’t ready for a full-time dog, but she liked having Goldie even though she chewed some

on his bed, looking at the piles of change. Maybe he could afford two dog toys for Snowball. Snowball! Suddenly, Charles realized that he had left the puppy alone. He shoved all the money back into his bank and ran downstairs, hoping he would find Snowball still curled up on the rug. No such luck. Charles dashed from room to room, looking for the puppy. Snowball wasn’t in the living room. He wasn’t in the dining room. Then Charles heard a noise from the den. He smacked his head. “Oh, no,”

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