Son of the Black Stallion

Son of the Black Stallion

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0679813454

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Alec receives the Black Stallion’s first son as a gift, he believes his dreams have come true, but Satan’s savage arrogance makes him dangerous and unpredictable. Still, Alec is resolved to gain the fiery colt’s trust, even if he must risk his life to do it.

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grunted. “It looks diamond-shaped from here.” A few minutes later they saw the tribesman lead the colt away from the band and in the direction of the Queen of India. “Y’mean that baby is goin’ to ship with us?” Morgan said excitedly. “Mebbe,” Harrity replied. “After all, they came into town for some reason, and that’s as good as any.” The Bedouin had the black colt part way down the path which the natives and vendors had opened for them when the colt reared again, fighting for his head. The

the first time in his life. And then as he walked along his shame was replaced by anger, and he became furious with himself and with this horse who had made him afraid. When he was but a few paces from Satan he stopped, seeking to control himself. And it was then that the horse bolted away from him, running easily to the east fence. Henry followed, his hand still clenching the leather crop. But when he neared Satan, the horse tossed his head and swept around him again, running back to the

was as tense as his colt, waiting … waiting. The gate doors flew open, and a mighty shout from the stands swept across the infield: “They’re off!” Then the roar of the crowd died beneath the rolling thunder of pounding hoofs. They broke fast and with a mighty surge swept away from the gate like a giant wave hurtling itself shoreward with ever increasing momentum. “Move, Satan! Move!” Alec shouted as his colt bolted forward with the others. For a few seconds there was just a blur of pounding

storybooks based on the two Black Stallion movies. His books have been enormously popular in the United States and have been published in twenty-one foreign countries. Mr. Farley and his wife, Rosemary, had four children, whom they raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and in a beach house in Florida. Horses, dogs, and cats were always part of the household. In 1989 Mr. Farley was honored by his hometown library in Venice, Florida, which established the Walter Farley Literary Landmark in its

again. They were so much alike, these two … even down to the same bowed legs. And between them there was a bond, perhaps even stronger than blood itself, their intense love for horses and for one horse especially, the Black. Yes, he thought, they were very much like father and son standing there, their arms around each other. Then they were coming toward him, and the tall, slight man let Sebastian pull him forward. “Henry”—he smiled, as his hand clasped the other’s—“I’m sure glad you’re here.”

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