Star Trek: Remembrance of Things Past - Book 2 (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 74)

Star Trek: Remembrance of Things Past - Book 2 (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 74)

Terri Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 60

ISBN: 2:00223171

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Concluding the special crossover event, bringing two great crews together in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

The away team is trapped on Icaria Prime. The cause of both the hallucinations they are experiencing and the equipment failures is the Krialta -- but one of its pieces is missing. Commander Corsi and Lieutenant Vale must work together -- for the first time since their fatal first meeting a decade ago -- to find the missing piece before everyone on the planet -- including Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise -- is driven insane!

Meanwhile, both Commander Gomez and Dr. Sarjenka must face demons from their past, as the Krialta brings long-dormant memories to the surface, ones that will change their lives forever!

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“Everyone, listen up. Looters broke into the archaeological dig just outside of town a few days ago. They took something that’s vital to the safety of everyone on this planet, including all of you. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, but if anyone here has remembered something in the last few days that they’ve been trying hard as hell to forget, that’s just the beginning. Anyone know where the looters are?” Not a soul raised a hand. She walked around the room, trying to catch the gaze of

under her hand was cool and moist, just what the headache ordered. Corsi took a handful of the mud and wiped it across her forehead. “I just picked up pain. Are you okay?” Konya quietly asked. “Don’t tell me it’s getting you too.” “Okay, I won’t,” Corsi said, after a deep, calming breath. “Mind over matter,” she whispered. “Mind over matter. I can control this.” “No, you can’t,” Konya said. Reaching forward, he placed a hand on Corsi’s shoulder. “Not without help. Take my hand. I’ve got an

“They were in backward?” he asked. Carol gently nodded. “How did I screw that up?” She put a hand on his arm. “You weren’t exactly yourself, Gabe.” “Da Vinci to away team, please respond.” “Oh, that’s the best sound I’ve heard in too long,” Gomez said as she too pulled herself to her feet. Tapping her combadge, she said, “Da Vinci, this is Gomez. Can you get a lock on us?” “I count seven life signs at your location, Commander,” Susan Haznedl’s voice sounded over the comm line. “Can you

Wish me luck?” “You know I always do. I love you, Bee.” That brought the first real smile to her sister’s face that Sonya had seen in the entire conversation. “I love you, Ess. See you when you’re home.” With that, the conversation ended. Thank you, Pattie. Thank you, Soloman. This was definitely the right thing to do. Sonya wiped the tears from her eyes, even going so far as to run a cool cloth over her face. Checking her appearance in the mirror over her sink, she decided that only having

stomach full-force. “She lied. She tried to erase my memory. She did make me forget. Traiaka, we studied her methods in neurology class.” “She had no choice,” Picard said, his voice still holding an edge of rasp. “I ordered it.” All Sarjenka could do was stare. Questions were flying through her mind so fast; it was hard to hone in on just one. Finally, one floated above the others. “Why? I mean, I understand the Prime Directive was part of it, but why try to erase the memory of one child? What

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