Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself

Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself

Judy Blume

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 1481413554

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sally investigates post-WWII Florida with theatrical flair in this classic middle grade novel from Judy Blume. Now with a fresh new look!

Sally J. Freedman was ten when she made herself a movie star. She would have been happy to reach stardom in New Jersey, but in 1947 her older brother Douglas became ill, so the Freedman family traveled south to spend eight months in the sunshine of Florida. That’s where Sally met her friends Andrea, Barbara, Shelby, Peter, and Georgia Blue Eyes—and her unsuspecting enemy, Adolf Hitler.

Dear Chief of Police:
You don’t know me but I am a detective from New Jersey. I have uncovered a very interesting case down here. I have discovered that Adolf Hitler is alive and has come to Miami Beach to retire. He is pretending to be an old Jewish man...

While she watches and waits, and keeps a growing file of letters under her bed, Sally’s Hitler will play an important—though not quite starring—role in one of her grandest movie spectaculars.

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“I noticed … but some day you might.” “I hope so.” “I don’t miss my father at all … do you miss yours?” “Yes, a lot. He’s coming down for Thanksgiving too. I can’t wait!” “My father’s very busy … I hardly ever see him at home …” “My father’s busy too but he always has time for me.” Dear Doey-bird, Miami Beach is full of bugs. You never saw so many bugs. Big ones, little ones, they are everywhere. I especially hate water bugs. They give me the creeps. Also, outside you can see

Andrea rode their bicycles to Flamingo Park. When they got to a field where a bunch of boys were playing ball Andrea’s face flushed and she said, “There he is!” “Which one?” Sally asked. “On first base … isn’t he the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen?” “I don’t know.” “How can you not know? Look at that hair … oh, I’d love to run my fingers through it.” “He might have nits.” “Are you crazy?” Andrea asked. “Some people do, you know.” “Not nice people.” “Even them …” Sally said. “Never!

that be fun?” “You mean all of us?” “You and Douglas and Ma Fanny and me … Daddy would have to stay at home to work, of course …” “But what about school?” “You’d go to school there … wouldn’t that be exciting?” “I don’t know.” “The doctors think it would be very good for Douglas … and you always have sore throats in the winter … so it would be good for you too.” “Sometimes I get sore throats in the summer … remember the night the war was over … remember how my throat hurt then?” “Yes, but

And then she’d fly up to heaven and be a beautiful angel with long blonde hair. Or maybe she’d keep her own hair because who says angels can’t have brown hair? But if it turned out that there were no angels and when you died there was nothing … because you were just plain dead … dead and cold … lying in the ground … oh! She moaned at the idea of that. There had to be angels. There just had to be! TWENTY MINUTES OVER SCENIC MIAMI IN THE GOODYEAR BLIMP the sign said. They sat in a small

to the trash bins, next to the storage room, and tore each letter into tiny pieces. So, it was over! She dropped them into the bin one by one. There was no more Mr. Zavodsky. He was dead. She sat down on the step. But maybe he’s dead not from a heart attack! Maybe Simon and Rita murdered him. Yes, they’d found out someone was hot on his trail and the only thing to do was kill him to protect themselves! They’d injected poison, the kind that works fast and leaves no trace. And now Adolf would rot

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