Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

P.G. Wodehouse

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0743203607

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Bertie and Jeeves classic, featuring an Alpine hat, a black amber statuette, and the dreaded Totleigh Towers.
In Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves, Bertie's newt-breeding friend Gussie Fink-Nottle must marry Madeline Bassett or Bertie will be obliged to take his place. Understandably, Bertie is aghast. It seems like certain suicide, but Jeeves must find a way to save his employer from the clutches of the drippy Madeline. If he fails, Bertie's bachelor days -- not to mention Jeeves's leisure time -- will be at an end.

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which, though crowned with success, as the expression is, so nearly landed me in the jug that when reminded of that house of horror I still quiver like an aspen, if aspens are the things I'm thinking of. 'Do you ever have nightmares, Jeeves?' I asked, having got through with my bit of wincing. 'Not frequently, sir.' 'Nor me. But when I do, the set-up is always the same. I am back at Totleigh Towers with Sir W. Bassett, his daughter Madeline, Roderick Spode, Stiffy Byng, Gussie Fink-Nottle and

'Precisely, sir, but your statement that the object was "just the sort of thing Uncle Tom would like to have" made a deep impression on Mr. Spode. Remembering the unfortunate episode of the cow-creamer, which did so much to mar the pleasantness of your previous visit to Totleigh Towers, he informed Sir Watkyn that he had revised his original view that you were here to attempt to lure Miss Bassett from Mr. Fink-Nottle, and that he was now convinced that your motive in coming to the house had to do

'Well, I know just how he felt. And with this on my mind, I'm expected to attend a ruddy school treat. I won't go.' 'Your absence may cause remark, sir.' 'I don't care. They won't get a smell of me. I'm oiling out, and let them make of it what they will.' Apart from anything else, I was remembering the story I had heard Pongo Twistleton tell one night at the Drones, illustrative of how unbridled passions are apt to become at these binges. Pongo got mixed up once in a school treat down in

existing conditions there wasn't one. This, as Madeline Bassett would have said, was the end. I had come to this house as a raisonneur to bring the young folks together, but however much of a raisonneur you are, you can't bring young folks together if one of them elopes with somebody else. You are not merely hampered, but shackled. So now, as I say, I sank forward in my chair, the f. buried in the h. To Pop Bassett, on the other hand, this bit of front page news had plainly come as rare and

With a wave of the hand he dismissed dinner as something that didn't matter one way or the other. The Bassetts, the wave suggested, could rough it if they had to. 'Are you sure of your facts, my dear?' 'I met them as they were starting off. Gussie said he hoped I wouldn't mind him borrowing my car.' 'You reassured him, I trust?' 'Oh, yes. I said "That's all right, Gussie. Help yourself." ' 'Good girl. Good girl. An excellent response. Then they have really gone?' 'With the wind.' 'And they

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