Tales from the Secret Footballer

Tales from the Secret Footballer

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1783350334

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Secret Footballer is back. And this time his mates speak out too. Players, agents, coaches and managers give you access all areas. From deal-making to play-making, from dodgy tactics to drunken antics, they reveal the unforgettable highs and the unforgivable lows. This is football as you've never seen it before.

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along with us were sent back with their tails between their legs for their own good, and it is also worth pointing out that a manager who commands respect would never be on the receiving end of behaviour like that. Still, I have no defence really; it wasn’t professional, even if it was a great night. On a personal level, the two of us really had our battles. We locked horns on numerous occasions – before matches, at half time, post-match and on the training ground – mainly because I was too

programme and even their personal bests.” “I agree, mate, it could be mega. It’s like something the military use that then comes into the mainstream, like sat nav. So what’s the plan now? When will it be ready?” “Well, I think we’re a couple of years away, then we’ll have to do the required testing, similar to the years it took with goal line technology. But you may not see it: this is the type of product that a big tech firm will buy from us and shelve until the market is ready for it. So the

whether or not their recruits showed any aptitude as a goalkeeper because they felt they’d be able to develop them into the finished article. “And these days bone testing has evolved so that we can now tell so much more physiologically about a player,” continued my friend. “We can determine the size of a player’s glute and hamstring muscles and the flexibility in their ligaments years down the line, which means we can work out roughly how fast they are going to be. It isn’t an exact science like

enemies – and there are many – is driving a chisel between my vertebrae. “Come on, Daddy! Lift us!” I try again and somehow hoist them into the air. Their smiles widen, but now they’re up they have no idea what to do. So we stand there for a moment and hug each other while the younger one sticks his finger up my nose, something he finds hilarious and revolting at the same time. He couples his laughter with a shudder that makes the rest of us of us crack up. “I heard you singing to this one last

bust unless it raises a certain figure: £50,000, £75,000 etc. Each time we read about it, a certain Premier League team rocks up and plays a prestigious friendly before buggering off again. As the ground’s seats fill up, the buckets come out and the fans are encouraged to put their hands in their pockets … Just so you know, that club’s manager is the highest paid in the division. By a mile. Charity, as has often been said, begins at home. For some people it seems to end there, too. THE

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