Steven Brust

Language: English

Pages: 181

ISBN: 0441182003

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lord Vlad Taltos returns in the prequel to Jhereg, Yendi and Teckla in a fantastic adventure in which readers learn what really happened when Vlad found himself walking the Paths of the Dead. Original.

Fire and Steel (The Cor Chronicles, Book 2)

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, Book 4)

Infernal Devices

Elle est les ténêbres 2 (Les annales de la Compagnie Noire, Tome 9)

Half a War (Shattered Sea, Book 3)

Die Sturmjäger von Aradon - Feenlicht: Band 1
















anything to say so I remained quiet, watching him. He snarled and said, “Maybe you ought to just leave, whiskers, before I send you for a swim whether you want one or not.” I don’t know for sure why I didn’t leave. Certainly I was frightened—this man was much older than the punks I usually had to deal with, and he looked tougher, too. But I just stood there, watching him. He took a step toward me, perhaps just to frighten me away. I took my lepip from my pants and held it at my side. He stared

less facing me and, unfortunately, awake. I kill people for money; I don’t like doing it when I don’t have to. But sometimes there just isn’t any other way. I studied the guards standing there and tried to think of a way to avoid killing them. I did not succeed. Some time before this I had assassinated a certain moneylender who, it turned out, had been skimming more than his share out of the profits. His employer had been very upset and wanted me to “make a 'xample outta the sonufabitch.” The

bottom, I had to pick a door. None of them were locked or enchanted, so I chose the middle one. I oiled the hinge and slipped it open. Forty-five minutes later I was back in front of the three doors, and I had a much better idea of the sorts of seashells Loraan liked to collect, and a very good idea of his taste in art, but no better idea of where the staff was. I wondered how long it would be until someone discovered the bodies in the kitchen, or noticed that the guards weren’t at their posts.

little jhereg, too.” I hardly reacted to this at the time, because I was too amazed by the spectacle of the gods arguing. But I did notice it, and I noted that Verra was aware of Loiosh even though my familiar was inside my cloak. Barlan said, “That is not our concern.” Verra said, “A convocation will also be boring.” “You would break our trust to avoid boredom?” “You damn betcha, feather-breath.” Barlan stood. Verra stood. They glared at each other for a moment, then vanished in a shower of

land transaction. You are anxious as to his whereabouts. It seems he has run off with the family silver, as the saying goes.” “It turns out,” I said, “that I knew that much already.” “Quite. Now, however, you wish to find him to kill him. You can find no one willing to travel to DzurMountain, so you thought to visit me, perhaps to learn what I know of the truth behind the legends of Sethra Lavode.” I was beginning to get downright irritated, as well as frightened, by how close his guesses

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