The Actor's Guide To Adultery (Kensington Mystery Anthology)

The Actor's Guide To Adultery (Kensington Mystery Anthology)

Rick Copp

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0758204981

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Former child star Jarrod Jarvis is back for his second outing in this wickedly funny novel from the author of "The Actor's Guide to Murder. This time, Jarrod is up to his eyeballs in murder, adultery, phony celebrity marriages, and Wendell Butterworth, his former stalker who claims he's no longer a threat. But when Wendell shows up in South Beach and a mysterious murder is committed, Jarrod and his partner Charlie must find the culprit before it's too late.

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honeymoon did not go well. Her voice was hushed and strained, and when I asked her if everything was all right, she deflected the question by asking how many Weight Watchers points a McDonald’s breakfast burrito would cost her. I hopped into the car and drove to the nearest Weight Watchers location, which was on Beverly Boulevard, in the heart of Los Angeles’s teeming Russian immigrant community. There was no reason for Weight Watchers to be in this particular location as far as I could tell.

letting this opportunity slip through my fingers. “But the director is a fan. He really wants me to play the part. How can I compromise his vision by saying no?” I was the King of Bullshit when I had to be. Charlie chuckled. “Come on, babe. Can’t you see Laurette is playing you? I think you’re a terrific actor, but seriously, do you really believe this big director only wants you for the role? There’s something else going on here.” Actors, especially former child actors, live to be the center

decided to find out if I was somehow connected to whatever business it was that had soured Martinez on Juan Carlos. But instead, I simply said, “Beats me.” “I don’t like this one bit, Jarrod,” Charlie said. “Martinez has a history of making people disappear, and if you’re suddenly on his radar, that can’t be good.” “I agree. So don’t worry. I’ll be really careful.” “Maybe I should book a flight down there.” “Charlie, I’m around people all the time on the set. I’m completely safe.” Charlie

Now are we going to stand here and jabber all day or are you going to get in my van?” I stopped just short of climbing in the passenger’s seat. “You’re not some serial killer, are you? I just had this vision of you knocking me over the head with a crowbar, and me waking up in some carved-out ditch in your basement handcuffed to a water heater.” He treated me to a barely perceptible smile. “Relax. You’re safe with me.” I decided to go with it and jumped in the van next to him. As he thrust the

Carlos is bringing dessert. He said it would be a surprise. Something sweet and Spanish, I’m assuming. Like him.” I turned and smiled at Charlie. “Looks like you took care of everything. I owe you.” “Yes, you do, and I intend to collect . . . later.” Another wink. As Charlie slipped the cooking sheet in the oven, I poured myself a glass of wine and sat down with Laurette at the kitchen table. “So . . . an actor?” I said. Laurette laughed. “I know, I know. Trouble with a capital T. But Juan

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