The Amazing Terry Jones Presents: His Great Tales and Unbelievable Adventures: Fantastic Stories

The Amazing Terry Jones Presents: His Great Tales and Unbelievable Adventures: Fantastic Stories

Terry Jones

Language: English

Pages: 77

ISBN: 2:00333662

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This amazing collection of stories, written by the hilarious Terry Jones and illustrated by Michael Foreman, will have both children and parents rolling with laughter. Meet a man who has eyes all over his body and sees everything but what is most important, a boy who is the best tickler in all of the land and a gigantic ogre, where the only thing bigger than him is his idiocy.

A fabulous new edition of the classic story collection from Monty Python's Terry Jones.

Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp

Beezus and Ramona

The Mountain of Adventure (Adventure Series, Book 5)

Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

Flash (The Puppy Place, Book 6)













next morning the snow baby awoke to find a stocking hanging at the end of the bed. ‘You must look in your stocking and see what St Nicholas has brought you,’ said the old woman. So the snow baby opened its stocking. Inside there was a chocolate medal, a wooden man on a trapeze, an old doll with one eye missing, a mince pie and an apple in the toe. When the snow baby had opened all its presents and played with its toys, the old woman said: ‘Now we must have our breakfast.’ So she sat her snow

the broom that stood in the corner. Old Man Try-By-Night looked at the dirty bristles and licked his lips. Then he padded round to the pantry and opened a jar of chocolate spread with his grimy fingers. Next he stuck the dirty broom into it and got a good dollop of chocolate on the bristles. Then he sat down, put his filthy old galoshes up on the kitchen table, and started to nibble on the broom. And he only stopped in order to wipe his chocolatey mouth on his filthy sleeve. All this time, Tom

gates was a huge crowd of beggars and poor people and ragged children, and the rich merchant had to fight his way through them. ‘What d’you want?’ demanded the palace guard. ‘I want to see the king,’ exclaimed the merchant. ‘Buzz off!’ said the guard. ‘I don’t want charity!’ replied the merchant. ‘I’m a rich man!’ ‘Oh, then in you go!’ said the guard. So the merchant entered the palace, and found the king playing Fiddlesticks with his Lord High Chancellor in the Council Chamber. The

you didn’t know where you were going, it would just go on getting faster and faster and faster until… all of a sudden! It would stop. And when you looked around you, you would see this: Nothing. Nothing to your left. Nothing to your right. Nothing in front of you. Nothing behind you. Nothing… Nothing, that is, except for people wandering around quite lost. Well, here is the story of a girl, named Poppy, who stepped onto the Fast Road, and who didn’t have the first clue where she was heading.

up after him. Nicobobinus could feel it wriggling inside his jerkin. ‘No,’ he replied. ‘It was so unhappy I set it free. It said it didn’t want to get caught by the Doge’s guards in the company of two completely out-of-their-basket idiots like… ’ ‘Look!’ said Rosie. ‘Do you see where we are?’ Nicobobinus peered into the room with Rosie and caught his breath. It was a magnificent room, with lacquered gold furniture and elegant paintings on the wall. But that wasn’t what caught the attention of

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