The Asian Barbecue Book: From Teriyaki to Tandoori

The Asian Barbecue Book: From Teriyaki to Tandoori

Alex Skaria

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0804841683

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A beautiful cookbook"—Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible

The Asian Barbecue Book is an inspired and practical guide to creating countless delicious Asian-inspired meals hot off the flame.

Traveling and eating barbecue throughout Asia, author Alex Skaria has mastered the technique and art of barbecue, combining Western barbecue techniques with the aromatic and enticing flavors of Asia. All of the recipes in the book can be made using conventional backyard grills, yet for those truly adventurous barbecue enthusiasts side bars and tips on making some exotic barbecued meats are included (such as whole pit-roasted pig).

This Asian barbecue cookbook starts off with barbecuing fundamentals—choice of grills is discussed, including unique Asian grills, grilling tools, grilling techniques, timing and temperature control, and much more. From tips on tenderizing meat and achieving moist, juicy barbecue, the author guides cooks through the process, ensuring they end up with a great meal every time.

For cooks who want to grab flavors quickly, or don't want to complete a main recipe from start to finish, numerous quick and easy recipes for barbecue sauces, rubs, pastes and marinades provide the basis for infusing new and exciting flavors into meat, poultry and seafood. Complete with sides and salads, such as Thai Papaya Salad and Asian Slaw, and desserts, such as Grilled Mango with Ginger Syrup, this treasury of Asian barbecue recipes will be a resource for years to come.

Asian barbecue recipes include:

  • Tandoori Spice Rub
  • Wasabi Mayonnaise
  • Korean-Style Barbecued Sirloin Steaks
  • Thai T-bone Steaks
  • Stuffed Saffron Chicken
  • Grilled Duck Breast with Orange Soy Glaze
  • Bombay-Style Swordfish Steaks
  • Seared Teriyaki Tuna
  • Vindaloo Pork Steaks
  • Spicy Sweet Pork Satays with Fiery Lime Chili Dip
  • Lamb Shish Kebabs
  • Zucchini with Pesto
  • Tabbouleh Salad
  • Grilled Bananas with Chocolate and Coconut

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done with any closed grills, rotisseries, ceramic grills, smokers and fire pits. The charcoal is placed so that it is not directly underneath the food—usually around a drip pan or to one side of the grill. The food is mainly heated by hot smoke that is captured in the closed grill and flows around the food. The temperature is controlled by opening and closing vents, which increases or reduces the temperature. The indirect method bears less risk of burning the food and usually applies for larger

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to the low heat zone. Test for doneness by pricking. When the juices run clear the meat is done. 5 When done cut the ribs into segments of 3 or 4 ribs each and serve with the Tamarind Chili Dip and the fresh herbs. 3 lbs (1.5 kg) pork spareribs TANDOORI MARINADE 6 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 6 green finger-length chilies, deseeded and coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons peeled and finely chopped fresh ginger Juice of 1⁄2 lime 1 cup (250 ml) plain yogurt 1 ⁄4 cup (125 ml) neutral-flavored oil 1

of gas then you may need to clean the burner nozzles. Use either a metal brush or a small needle to remove soot and grease from the burner holes. If that fails you need to contact the nearest grill shop or the supplier. Direct Grilling For direct grilling fire up all burners to maximum heat, which is about 450°F (240°C), or you can use the multi-zone method whereby one burner is at maximum and the others are set at medium or one burner is off. When you are cooking larger pieces, start at this high

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