Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Evil Eye (Berenstain Bear Scouts)

Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Evil Eye (Berenstain Bear Scouts)

Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0590944886

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The evil Weasel McGreed has a plan to do away with those pesky Bear Scouts. He'll hypnotize Bigpaw into thinking the scouts are mosquitoes, ready for swatting! An Early Chapter Book.

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that for a moment. “I know it doesn’t sound very thrilling,” he said. “But science isn’t all great inventions and wonderful theories. Science is mostly hard work. Trying this, that, and the other until you find something that works.” “We understand, professor, and we’d like to work with you on the river,” said Brother. “Right,” said Fred. “I can work on my stone-skipping—I’m up to three skips.” “And we can bring our bathing suits,” said Sister. “And I can touch base with my friends the frogs

Brother, breaking into laughter. “Let me have those,” said Lizzy, taking the field glasses. “Let me see!” said Fred, reaching for them. “Me, too!” demanded Sister. “Hold it!” said Lizzy, elbowing Fred and Sister aside. “What is it, Lizzy?” said Brother. “That magazine Ralph was reading when he slipped,” said Lizzy. “I can read it.” Lizzy’s fellow scouts didn’t doubt that for a second. Lizzy had super eyesight without field glasses. With field glasses she could count gnats a mile away.

just climbed over Bigpaw’s swollen, mosquito-bitten nose and zapped him with the evil eye. “Listen to the voice of your master, Bigpaw,” said McGreed. “Bigpaw listen,” said Bigpaw, in a sleepy voice. “Your eyelids are getting heavy,” said McGreed, staring into Bigpaw’s eyes. “Eyelids getting heavy,” said Bigpaw. “You feel a deep, deep sleep coming on. . . .” That’s when the Bear Scouts caught on to what was happening. “Good grief!” cried Brother. “He’s hypnotizing Bigpaw!” “Of course!” said

Lizzy. “That’s what Ralph must have been reading about in Swindler’s Magazine!” “Hmm,” said Brother. “If Ralph and hypnotism were a dangerous combination, Ralph, McGreed, and hypnotism are a hundred times as dangerous.” “That’s right,” said Fred. “If McGreed gets Bigpaw under his control, he could control all of Bear Country in a matter of days!” “We’ve got to do something!” cried Lizzy. “But what?” cried Sister. McGreed had put Bigpaw into a deep sleep. “When you wake up,” said McGreed,

McGreed turn him back into Big Red Rooster. As Ralph made his way back to his houseboat, he thought about hypnotism and the events of the day. Operation Revenge was perhaps just too much of a good thing. But that didn’t mean hypnotism couldn’t be a useful tool in separating folks from their money. He would need more practice, that’s all. Ralph was exhausted when he got back to his houseboat. He dragged himself up the gangplank and collapsed in his easy chair. Once again, Squawk, his pet

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