The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness

The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness

Language: English

Pages: 230

ISBN: 1583949372

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Cannabis Manifesto is both a call to action and a radical vision of humans' relationship with this healing but controversial plant. Steve DeAngelo, the founder of Harborside Health Center, the world's largest medical-cannabis dispensary, presents a compelling case for cannabis as a wellness catalyst that must be legalized. His view that there is no such thing as recreational cannabis use challenges readers to rethink everything they thought they knew about marijuana.
The Cannabis Manifesto answers essential questions about the plant, using extensive research to fuel a thoughtful discussion about cannabis science and law, as well as its biological, mental, and spiritual effects on human beings. With a cultural critic's eye peering through the lens of social justice, DeAngelo explains how cannabis prohibition has warped our most precious institutions—from the family, to the workplace, to the doctor’s office and the courtroom. In calling for a realistic national policy on a substance that has been used by half of all Americans, this essential primer will forever change the way the world thinks about cannabis, its benefits, and the laws governing its use.

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of their identity, and sometimes a shield to deflect abuse or racial injustice or alienation—like it was for me, for a while. But a lifestyle that revolves solely around the use of any substance is not likely to be full or productive or satisfying. People who fall into the pothead syndrome often fall out of it a few years later, wondering how they wasted all that time. The key to living without those regrets is accepting responsibility for your own decisions and staying committed to a full and

later, the Department of Justice once again instructed U.S. Attorneys to refrain from prosecuting targets acting in full compliance with state cannabis laws, whether for medical or adult use. This time the guidelines were supposed to be mandatory.14 Today in Colorado, dozens of adult-use shops are generating tens of millions of dollars in extra tourism and tax revenue.15 Thousands of new jobs have been created, along with a real estate and construction boom. With more time to focus on real

manuscript of this book. Prohibition has done nothing to reduce the popularity of cannabis. When the California Board of Pharmacy banned marijuana in 1913, less than one percent of the U.S. population could even describe what it is.6 Consumption climbed steadily thereafter, despite passage of a federal ban in 1937. When I first encountered cannabis in the early 1970s, it could be easily found in the counterculture but was still rare in the mainstream. It was extraordinarily good bud: Santa

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