The Chinese Lake Murders: A Judge Dee Detective Story

The Chinese Lake Murders: A Judge Dee Detective Story

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0060751401

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the third installment of Robert Van Gulik's classic ancient Chinese mystery series based on historical court records, magistrate, lawyer, and detective Judge Dee has his work cut out for him. Set in 666 A.D., in the hidden city of Han-yuan, sixty miles from the imperial capital of ancient China, Dee is sent to investigate a case of embezzlement of government funds. But things are about to get more complicated for the great detective. Just before he is about to take leave of Han-yuan, the popular courtesan Almond Blossom disappears, and then a bride who dies on her wedding night also disappears from her coffin -- her body replaced with that of a murdered man. To make matters worse, Judge Dee is confronted with the dangerous sect called the White Lotus.

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weather!" The judge nodded, and descended the ladder. He went straight to the main cabin, where Chiao Tai stood guard by the dead body of the courtesan. Fourth Chapter THE JUDGE HOLDS A VIGIL FOR A DEAD WOMAN; HE STUDIES POEMS AND PASSIONATE LETTERS Just when Judge Dee sat down on the tabouret in front of the dressing table a peal of thunder rent the air. A torrential rain clattered down on the roof. The boat started to rock. Chiao Tai hurried outside to fasten the shutters. The

attention! And you'll meet Mao Loo anyway, for I want you to get him here, so that I can verify whether he met his cousin the night he was murdered, and whether he knows something about Moon Fairy's death. Go now to that Inn of the Red Carp, Ma Joong, and ask the head of the beggars where you can find Mao Loo. Arrest him and bring him here. At the same time you can give the gray-beard these two silver pieces; the fellow did me a good turn. Say that he gets that money from the tribunal as a bonus,

threatened him." "You are quite right, Hoong!" Judge Dee said. But then he added quickly: "No, wait a moment! That waiter can't have made a mistake; I remember distinctly that Almond Blossom addressed me as 'Your Honor!'" "Perhaps the fellow didn't catch all she said," Hoong remarked. "He must have left in a hurry directly after he had overheard her first remark; he didn't hear what she said about playing chess. For Han's kidnaper didn't quote those words." Judge Dee made no response. He

Tao Gan nodded comprehendingly. "That's bad luck!" he said ruefully. "Well, I'd better be on my way." Just as he was rising the door opened and a powerfully built man clad in a ragged monk's robe came in. Tao Gan hurriedly sat down again. "Ha, there's the monk!" the manager exclaimed. The man thus addressed sat down with a grunt. The manager pushed a teacup toward him. The monk spat on the floor. "Have you nothing better to serve than that filthy stuff?" he asked gruffly. The fat man

than to put it out!" Judge Dee smiled bleakly. When he was seated behind his desk he said to the two men: "Again you did an excellent job! I regret that I can't yet let you go and take the rest you so well deserve. The biggest task still lies ahead!" "Nothing like variety!" Ma Joong said cheerfully. "You and Chiao Tai had better go and wash yourselves," the judge continued, "and have a quick snack. Then put on your mail jackets and helmets, and come back here." To Tao Gan he added: "Call

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