The Daring Escape of Beatrice and Peabody

The Daring Escape of Beatrice and Peabody

Kimberly Newton Fusco

Language: English

Pages: 180


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bee is an orphan who lives with a travelling carnival. Every day she endures taunts for the birthmark on her cheek - though her beloved Pauline, the only person who has ever cared for her, tells her it is a precious diamond. When Pauline is sent to work for another carnival, Bee is lost.

Then a scruffy dog shows up, as unwanted as she, and Bee realizes that she must find a home for them both. She runs away to a house with gingerbread trim where two mysterious women, Mrs Swift and Mrs Potter, take her in. They clothe her, though their clothes are strangely out of date. They feed her, though there is nothing in their house to eat. They help her go to school, though they won't enter the building themselves. And only Bee seems able to see them . . .

Whoever these women are, they matter. They matter to Bee. And they are helping Bee realize that she, too, matters to the world - if only she will let herself be a part of it.

With an arrestingly original voice, this book stays with you long after reading. Anyone who has ever felt lonely will find a friend in Bee.

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someone bangs on our hauling truck. Pauline jumps up. Peabody growls. I cover my face. ‘Bee?’ It is Bobby. ‘What’s he doing here?’ whispers Pauline, pulling the covers close to her chin. ‘He’s been teaching me to run.’ ‘Run? Why?’ ‘If you were here more, you’d know that, Pauline.’ My legs are still wobbly from yesterday, but I get up and climb into my overalls. Peabody pushes his nose out the curtain. ‘You think I’m doing this for my health?’ Bobby asks when I get the curtain open. He is

leaving. ‘That’s enough.’ Bobby opens his eyes and glares at Eldora. ‘We just want a place out of the weather.’ The fortune-teller acts like she is in a trance and cannot hear anything from this world. She scoops up the queen card and pushes it into the middle of the deck. She puts the deck on the table and fans all the cards out again and pulls them back. Bobby folds his arms over his chest and closes his eyes. She scoops up the deck and splits it into three parts and stacks them together. She

the main road past all the big houses with the porches out front and the gingerbread trim that looks like frosting dripping down over everything. Once upon a time I told Pauline a house like that was waiting for us. We just had to find the right one. Now I make myself watch my feet instead of looking at dreams. A house on the main road would not offer enough protection. I keep looking over my shoulder for Ellis. I would not want to be looking for him all the time. It is a good thing I brought a

this. She says there are some things I might not understand because I am only eleven. I tell her I understand things pretty good. I try and think about the onions I am chopping and if I can make them small enough to disappear. I try and make myself disappear. I am a candle blown out, a whisper at night, an old lady in an orange flappy hat. I try and make myself nobody at all. The tears from all the onions are rolling right down over my diamond and I do not want to wipe them off because that

more like you, Bee,’ she whispers, holding me tight. ‘I know I would.’ 126 We are sitting around the table after a big roast chicken dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes and I have to hold my belly, I am so full. I am proud as a peacock I am such a good cook and I am grateful to Ruth Ellen’s mama for showing me how. She says I can go over and learn more things any time I want. I think I will any day now. Peabody whines that he is ready for something else to eat. I tell Pauline and Sophie to

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