The Devil in the Red Dress

The Devil in the Red Dress

Abigail Rieley

Language: English

Pages: 145

ISBN: 2:00164202

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ireland has been gripped by the story of a housewife from County Clare who, when her millionaire partner refused to marry her, googled a hitman and arranged to have him killed.
Over the course of almost two months, the story of Lyingeyes and Hire_hitman unfolded in a flurry of emails. The website, might have looked amateurish and carried a disclaimer but it attracted serious interest.
One person who was interested was Sharon Collins, the ‘devil in the red dress’. Desperate to get her hands on a share of her partner's fortune, she took drastic action. She turned to Google to solve her problem. A Mexican marriage certificate was obtained but wasn’t enough. On 8 August 2006, she contacted and started to arrange the hit.
This is one of the most bizarre stories to ever appear before an Irish court. Filled with intrigue, betrayal, sex, money and would-be murder, it has all the ingredients for a best-selling thriller.
This book will prove to its readers that truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

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were skinny with prominent veins. Her fingers were nicotine stained. As she spoke, he also noticed her teeth were stained and decayed. Her shoes were open toed and he thought she could have done with a pedicure. Pulling himself together he asked Engle what they were going to do to sort out the situation. You’ve two choices, she told him. Either your girlfriend dies or the two of you get the money together to pay the balance on the contract. If they didn’t come up with the $37,000 by 29 September

looked just as it had in the offices of Downes & Howard. When he found the computer, he took it, bag and all, into his workshop and stowed it away. He made enquiries to make sure none of the hotel computers had found their way into the bushes for whatever reason but none were missing. It wasn’t until all his research had drawn a complete and utter blank that he began to look on the Advent as his own. Eventually he decided to check it was working and plugged it in. The hard drive whirred into

called her, after seeing it in the papers. It suddenly made the idea of a murder plot seem serious and all the more deadly. Howard was still standing by her but she decided she would return home. Howard met her in Dublin and tried to reassure her. Collins could feel things were getting out of control, so she wrote a second letter to the DPP. She explained her predicament and the lethal jail cell find, and explained that the longer this nastiness was hanging over her head the more stress it was

to his sons. Then, just as Collins had written to the Director of Public Prosecution, he made his own plea for the casualties who would form the collateral damage of the trial. Her mother and her sons had suffered enough since her conviction and he himself was feeling the strain. ‘This is an extremely stressful situation for me and the prospect of Sharon being in prison for a long time is adding to this stress. Sharon has for many years overseen the dispensing of my medication and has been of

was matter of fact about the favour he needed. He wanted someone to dispose of Engle’s husband. Ghardbeiah was shocked, he was sure that his friend was not a violent or threatening kind of person at all. He immediately called a police friend of his who advised him to play along until he had enough evidence to press charges. Ghardbeiah was worried that if he didn’t agree to the idea his friend might be crazy enough about this woman to find someone else to do the job. But when he rang Eid back a

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