The Dragon's Eye (The Dragonology Chronicles, Vol. 1)

The Dragon's Eye (The Dragonology Chronicles, Vol. 1)

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0763638072

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Steer infuses the exciting story with the flavor of a nineteenth-century novel and incorporates dragon lore found in his earlier books. Dragon lovers will be well pleased." —-BOOKLIST

Adventure! Villains! And dragons, dragons, dragons! From the creators of the best-selling Dragonology series, this first volume of the Dragonology Chronicles finds Daniel Cook and his sister, Beatrice, studying with eccentric dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake. Soon they’re caught up in a race to find the stolen Dragon’s Eye —- a jewel that has the power to reflect the true Dragon Master —- before it is stolen by the evil Ignatius Crook. Working with Dr. Drake (and many friendly dragons), can these young siblings foil Ignatius and recover the Dragon’s Eye?

The Face of Another

Un Brillant Avenir

A Wild and Lonely Place (Sharon McCone, Book 15)

Xenocide (Ender, Book 3)

When Light Breaks

Silver Stallion











This map of the British Isles shows some of the locations visited by Dr. Ernest Drake and his two dragonological apprentices Daniel and Beatrice Cook during the course of this adventure. Apart from the locations of the lairs of those dragons that are visited during the story, and which must perforce be revealed, it does not indicate any other sites where dragons may be found; this has been done in order to minimise contact between these creatures and humans who have not undergone training by the

shore. Now the sea serpent turned its full attention to the ship. The crew stopped firing as Captain Hezekiah ordered them to pile on all the sail they could, but they didn’t stand a hope of outrunning the monster. My last view of the Sea Snake was of the serpent looping its namesake with several gigantic coils. It seemed that Captain Hezekiah was to go down like Ahab in Moby-Dick. And good riddance, I thought. “Well, this is a rum situation and no mistake,” said Dr. Drake as we stood,

what I saw when we got back outside. Dr. Drake was waiting for us. As Ignatius stood open-mouthed, Beatrice and I both tugged at the rope, which fell out of his hands as we ran to Dr. Drake. “I saw you killed!” cried Ignatius. “You could never have survived so much dragon fire!” “Ignatius, Ignatius,” said Dr. Drake patiently, untying the rope from round our hands. “Even you must have heard of that simple but extremely effective tool of the field dragonologist — the flameproof cloak. What else

part. Danger or not, I would have loved to have come face to face with the most ancient dragon in the British Isles. What stories she would be able to tell about days gone by! I opened my record book to the page where I had written down the riddle. I took out my pencil and wrote: WANTLEY = WHARNCLIFFE I circled it over and over again. Suddenly my record book was yanked out of my hand. I looked up to see a very familiar blue creature flying off with it. “Flitz!” I shouted. I got up and

“And you don’t know why you’re here?” “To learn all about drag —?” I began. “To stay with Dr. Drake,” said Beatrice, interrupting me. “Well,” said Mademoiselle Gamay, “I won’t tell you any more. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Have some more tea, eat your breakfast, and then wait for Dr. Drake in the drawing room. I am sure that he will explain everything.” The drawing room was small and neat, with a window that faced the front lawn. Three rabbits were hopping about lazily down at the far

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