The Dry Eye Remedy: The Complete Guide to Restoring the Health and Beauty of Your Eyes

The Dry Eye Remedy: The Complete Guide to Restoring the Health and Beauty of Your Eyes

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1578262429

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


It can happen any time. Your eyes feel tired. You rub them. You look at yourself in the mirror and see lines, wrinkles, bags, redness that were never there before. Dry eye often starts as a minor irritation but can develop into a deeper problem affecting your vision and appearance.

Approximately 77 million Americans suffer from dry eye (also known as
dysfunctional tear syndrome). And traditional solutions, such as eyedrops and eyelid surgery, may actually make the problem worse.

The Dry Eye Remedy is the first book to give dry eye sufferers simple and
practical ways to restore eye health and appearance without surgery. Robert Latkany, M.D., offers:
• an innovative Home Eye Spa program with a soothing eye-cleansing massage
• easy environmental and lifestyle changes to help you look and feel better
• cutting-edge research on which medications and procedures may help and which to avoid.

The Dry Eye Remedy is an essential tool to ensure there is “not a dry eye in the house.”

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moister, and allow the eye to breathe a bit better. So if you’re a lens wearer, think about switching, and talk to your eye doctor. But even if you do switch—and many of my patients have found great success with the new versions—don’t wear your lenses non-stop. Cut down on the wear time, take breaks, give your eyes a chance to recover—and you’ll be able to wear contact lenses safely and happily for life. Homeopathic Treatments Homeopathy is a venerable and well established “alternative”

themselves. You’ll feel good doing something about your appearance, and you’ll feel great when you see the bags shrink to nothing. PART THREE BEYOND THE HOME EYE SPA In addition to your Home Eye Spa treatments, you and your eye doctor may well have determined that your dry eye requires medical therapy. In that case, it’s important to remember that the body is a system and that therapeutic action on one part of the system can easily affect any other part of the system. Chapter 9 tells

You’ll also need to take care with your supply of eye drops, which must be kept refrigerated and need to remain sterile. Still, studies are showing some definite benefits from this treatment, and it is one of which dry eye sufferers should be aware. There is also some evidence that two agents prescribed for dry mouth may work for dry eye as well. These are salagen, the active ingredient of which is pilocarpine, and cevimeline. Both are prescribed routinely for Sjögren’s Syndrome patients, all of

extremely painful. The same thing can happen with the eye if the ocular surface breaks down: bacteria can intrude into the surface and cause an infection. The worse the hole in the ocular surface, the more profound the infection. The problem is that with so many moving parts—glands, cells, tubes, valves, nerves, muscles, etc.—any number of things can go wrong, and anything that goes wrong can start to break down the ocular surface. In other words, the very complexity that is the wonder of the

her, I noticed some unevenness of the skin around her nose, above her eyebrow, and along her chin. And by the time I was close enough to shake hands with her, it was clear that June’s face was covered with heavy pancake make-up. It was well done; the make-up had produced a rather silky matte “finish” that made her complexion look soft, even silky, from a distance. But the make-up had clearly been applied to cover something up. “You’re wearing make-up,” I said to June. “I wonder what your face

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