The Dutch Shoe Mystery (Ellery Queen, Book 3)

The Dutch Shoe Mystery (Ellery Queen, Book 3)

Ellery Queen

Language: English

Pages: 167

ISBN: B001904V00

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Original publication: 1931

Queen visits an operating theater to witness a surgery, but finds a murder insteadThe son of a police detective, Ellery Queen grew up in a bloody atmosphere. Since he started lending his deductive powers to the New York City homicide squad, he has seen more than his fair share of mangled corpses. Though he is accustomed to gore, the thought of seeing a living person sliced open makes him ill. So when a doctor invites him to sit in on an operation, Queen braces his stomach. As it happens, his stomach is spared, but his brain must go to work. The patient is Abigail Doorn, a millionairess in a diabetic coma. To prepare her for surgery, the hospital staff has stabilized her blood sugar level and wheeled her to the operating theater—but just before the first incision, the doctors realize she is dead, strangled while lying unconscious on her gurney. Queen came to the hospital to watch surgeons work, but now it’s his time to operate.

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motioned imperiously to a Swedish-looking detective of solid build. “Hesse!” The man slouched near. “Get this straight now, won’t you? Go out into the operating-room and ask the doctors and internes if any one of them poked his head in here between 10:30 and 10:45. And bring him back.” While Hesse departed on his errand the Inspector dismissed Dr. Byers and the nurse. Janney watched them go with gloomy eyes. Ellery conversed with his father until the door reopened to admit a young dark-haired

sergeant’s great fist. “Can’t you see I’m here as a representative of the American press by the personal invitation of the District Attorney? Hey—lay off! … H’lo there, Inspector. How’s every little murder? Ellery Queen, you old son-of-a-gun! It must be hot if you’re on it. Find the dastardly dastard yet?” “Be quiet, Pete,” said Sampson. “Hello, Q. What’s doing? I don’t mind telling you we’re in one hell of a mess.” He sat down and threw his hat on the wheel-table, looking about the room

of the young doctors nodded assent. He immediately returned to the Anteroom, closing the door softly behind him. Sarah Fuller stood somberly in the middle of the room. Her thin, blue-veined hands were clenched at her sides. She stared with hard-pressed stony lips at the Inspector. Ellery stepped to his father’s side. “Miss Fuller!” he said abruptly. Her agate-like, faded blue eyes shifted to his face. A bitter smile twitched the corners of her mouth. “Another,” she said. The District Attorney

even you would not believe. … Hereafter I’ll follow as a blessed rule the Gallic precept of Toujours Audace!” * The manuscript of Murder of the Marionettes, one of the detective stories Ellery wrote under his own name.—J. J. McC. Chapter Twenty-Eight ARGUMENTATION ALWAYS, TOWARD THE CLIMAX of a case, the tension which the Queens inevitably experienced communicated itself to the atmosphere of their apartment. It was something in the air—an effluvium of excitement which they neither controlled

presence of Dr. Janney’s impersonator—I say, how it was possible for Lucille Price to have been two distinct personalities at apparently the identical moment.” There was a vigorous nodding of heads. “That she was, you now know,” continued Ellery; “how she accomplished this spiritistic feat I’ll tell you by analysis. “Consider the amazing situation. Lucille Price was Lucille Price, the trained nurse, dutifully watching over Abby Doorn’s unconscious body in the Anteroom. Yet she was also the

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