The Femme's Guide to the Universe

The Femme's Guide to the Universe

Shar Rednour

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 1555834612

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Table of Contents

Part I: The Foundations of Femmehood
Welcome to Shartopia
Sharstory: How I Collected My Femme Power and Lived to Tell About It
Chickies of a Feather Flock Together

Part II: The Queen and Her Domain
Just Add Velvet: How to Turn Any Shack Into a Royalty-Ready Love Den
Grime, Begone! (How to Make Your Castle Sparkle)
The Multifaceted Handy Queen

Part III: Beyond the Palace Walls
The Working Girl
The Royal Decree: Flirt With the Whole Solar System!
Hostess to the Glitterati

Part IV: Galaxy-Wide Glamour for the New Millennium
Underneath it All: Your Body as a Temple
The Naked Surface: Skin and Nails
Hair, There, and Everywhere
Making Visible: The Art of Applying Your Face
Creating the Youtopian Collection: Fashion
Shoes: The Real Sole of a Femme

Part V: Being Sexy, Body and Mind
Conjuring up Some Sexy
Getting Over the Negative Stuff
How to Be SexyFor Real

Part VI: Gathering From the Galaxy: Creating Your Court
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Magnetism of Femme2
For the Love of Opposites: Seeking Butch Affection
Butch Boot Camp or, If You Can't Find One, Train One
Stone Butch Blues and Boogie

Part VII: Sex and the Single Femme
Single, Coupled, or Married?
Dating--or Shopping, as I Like to Call it
Your Step-by-Step Dating Guide
Flirting Revisited: Going into Warp Speed
The Appreciation of Expectations: On-the-Date Dos and Don'ts
There's Another Way to Be Single: Being a Mistress--not the Whip-Wielding Kind!

Part VIII: Troubleshooting
Lost in Space: Sendin' Out an S.O.S.
Meteors and Black Holes: Navigating Around Passion's Pitfalls

Part IX: 3, 2, 1Blast-Off!
Beyond Dating
Girl-Goddess Glossary
Moving on Up: The Shar Fleet Academy Final Exam

George Cukor: A Double Life

True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals

George Cukor: A Double Life

George Cukor: A Double Life

The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Bordered Lives: Transgender Portraits from Mexico
















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match hers to get her off. So, ask her, “Do you want me to tell you a story? What would you like it to be about?” Get her to actually let you in on the script so your words match the fantasy. Otherwise, just lie quietly beside her while she jacks off, thinking loving thoughts. Letting out a soft moan now and then probably wouldn’t hurt. Luststuds and OoDs I’m always spouting off about femmes being objects of desire, but many butches embody the masculine version of that. I call them

an unforeseen strength and thrown over tables, drinks and all, not to mention tossed men completely across the room. My friend Michelle has knocked guys out with everything from her huge, rhinestoned Grandma bag to a Dijon mustard jar. Even in the gay and lesbian community, femme/butch romance can get shit. Assimilationists don’t like us because they think femmes look like bimbo sell-outs and butches look like bulldaggers or men. How are we going to placate the heterosexuals if we don’t play

and receive foot massages like clockwork. In Shartopia there are always enough strawberries, chocolate, and avocados to go around. As you read this book, when you come across a “Shartopia,” let your mind stretch to the farthest horizon. Dream of endless possibilities. In Shartopia, references to fashion, makeup, and style are not only literal but also symbolic; there’s more to an eyebrow than a natural curve. If you aren’t already living in Shartopia, just remember that no one is stuck.

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