The Final Encyclopedia (Dorsai Series)

The Final Encyclopedia (Dorsai Series)

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 1511399341

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In The Final Encyclopedia the human race is split into three Splinter cultures: the Friendlies, fanatic in their faith; the truth-seeking Exotics; and the warrior Dorsai. But now humanity is threatened by the power-hungry Others, whose triumph would end all human progress.

Hal Mayne is an orphan who was raised by three tutors: an Exotic, a Friendly, and a Dorsai. He is the only human capable of uniting humanity against the Others. But only if he is willing to accept his terrifying destiny... as savior of mankind.

A towering landmark of future history, The Final Encyclopedia is a novel every SF fan needs to own....

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only looking at it; and then he went forward to it. There was a small gate in the fence. He opened it, went through and closed it softly behind him. Each grave had an upright headstone of gray rock the color of the mountains looking down on him. On and between the grave plots the grass was neatly cut. There was space to walk between the graves and the headstones all faced to his left, six across in orderly ranks. He turned to his right and went to the head of the graveyard, where the

were in love with him." He could not have pulled his gaze from her face with all the willpower he possessed. "At his age?" "At any age," she said. "Every woman loved Ian." A dull knife slowly cut and churned him up inside. The reciprocal feeling for him that he believed he had sensed in her—everything he thought he had understood—all wrong. He had been only a surrogate for a man dead for years, a man old enough to be her great-grandfather. "I was sixteen when he died," she said. —And

advantages we've got," Hal went on, "and in most cases that means turning the advantages of the Others to our use. Did you ever read Cletus Graeme's work on strategy and tactics?" "Cletus—? Oh, that early Dorsai ancestor of Donal Graeme," said Nonne. "No. My field was recordist—character and its association with activity or occupation. Military maneuvers didn't impinge." "I suppose not," said Hal. "Let me explain, then. Bleys is the most capable of the Others—you know that as well as I

but he forced himself to yawn. "How d'you like it here?" The carver had shifted his position to the head of his bed, so that he now sat with his back braced against one of the upright posts at the end of his bunk, the darkness of the solid rock wall half a meter behind him. He continued to carve. "I don't know. I haven't seen much of it, here," Hal said. He turned, himself, so as to face more directly the man and the end wall behind him. He did not want to make enemies in this new

one man; and something touched deep inside him, triggering a darkness like the spreading stain of biologic ink pushed out by a fleeing octopus. It flooded all through him, hiding all things in utter darkness, even his memory of what had happened on the terrace. Gradually he roused once more, to silence and to peace. He was alone, naked, in a bed in a room walled by slowly changing, pastel colors. Besides the bed, and the table-surface beside it, there were a couple of chair floats

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