The Garden as Architecture: Form and Spirit in the Gardens of Japan, China and Korea

The Garden as Architecture: Form and Spirit in the Gardens of Japan, China and Korea

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 477001712X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is a detailed study of the strikingly different interpretations of the form and role of the garden as part of architectural form made by Japan, Korea and China, as well as an examination of the social, philosophical and cultural circumstances that gave rise to them. Within this context, the garden is considered as an integral part of the building(s) it supports, as well as on its own merit.

Ancient China and its Enemies: The Rise of Nomadic Power in East Asian History

Ancient China and its Enemies: The Rise of Nomadic Power in East Asian History

Human Rights in Chinese Thought: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry (Cambridge Modern China Series)

Chinese Folk ARTS
















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