The Haunted Mask II (Goosebumps)

The Haunted Mask II (Goosebumps)

R.L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0590568736

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Deciding to go to the same Halloween costume store where his friend Carly Beth got her face rearranged the previous year, Steve Boswell searches for the perfect mask and finds it, unaware that the mask is even scarier than it appears.

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pushed him to the ground and got his jacket all muddy. “Hey, Steve — what are you going to be for Halloween?” Marnie asked. “Yeah. What’s your costume?” Andrew demanded. “He’s going to be a pile of toxic waste!” someone joked. “No. He’s going to be a ballerina!” someone else declared. They all hooted and jeered. Go ahead and laugh, guys, I thought. Have a good laugh now. Because when you see me on Halloween, I’ll be the only one laughing. “Uh … I’m going to be a hobo,” I told them. “You’ll

But as I leaned forward, I could see the dog’s eyes go wide with terror. Sparky let out a shrill yip — jumped out of my hands, and went tearing across the room, barking at the top of his lungs. Barking in total fright. “Sparky — it’s me!” I cried. “I know I sound different. But it’s me — Steve!” I wanted to chase after him. But my legs felt so weak, and my knees refused to bend. It took me three tries to pull myself up to a standing position. My head ached. I was too out of breath to run after

weakly. “I —” “Are you the man who tried to call me earlier?” she demanded coldly. “Well … yes,” I croaked. “You see, I need —” “Well, leave me alone!” Carly Beth screamed. “Why are you following me? Leave me alone, or I’ll get my father!” “But — but — but —” I sputtered helplessly. The two girls spun away and began jogging to the house. Leaving me standing there in the driveway. Leaving me all alone. Leaving me doomed. I let out a bitter wail. “Carly Beth — it’s me! It’s me! Steve!” I

stepped over to the nearest one and peered inside. “This one has all the masks,” I told her. I picked up a monster mask covered in bristly fur. “Yuck,” Carly Beth groaned. “Put it down. We don’t need another mask.” I dropped the mask back into the carton. It made a soft plop as it landed on the other masks. “I don’t know what we need,” I said. “But maybe we can find something …” “Look at these!” Carly Beth cried. She had pulled open another carton. She held up some kind of jumpsuit. It had a

going to study myself for six months. And make a growth graph for every part of my body.” “That’s wonderful!” Mom said. “Very original!” Dad exclaimed. “Let us know if we can help.” “Oh, brother,” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. “Can I be excused?” I pushed my chair away from the table. “Roxanne is coming over to do math homework.” Roxanne Johnson and I are both in the same sixth-grade class. We like to compete against each other. Just for fun. At least, I think it’s for fun. Sometimes I’m not

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