The Hieros Gamos of Sam and An Smith

The Hieros Gamos of Sam and An Smith

Josephine Saxton

Language: English

Pages: 84


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

During the day a blazing and merciless sun beat down on "the boy" and at night a friendless and cold darkness enveloped him. It was a bleak and lonely countryside over which he had been wandering for ten years. A rare tree, bird or wild animal was the only life he encountered during his desolate trek through his young years of roaming. Infrequently, he was fortunate enough to find shelter and food in the shops of deserted villages; otherwise he foraged what he could from the nearly barren land. Contact with other humans was his innermost and greatest fear. But the day came when his curiosity overcame his sensibilities of self-preservation and he was drawn to the sound of a great wailing not far from a place where he had come to rest. Form that moment on his whole existence took on a radical change. His wanderings became a kaleidoscope of adventures, emotions, and responsibilities - never static, forever mobile, and potentially dangerous. There were moments when it would have been easier to turn his back, return to old ways, but somehow he knew this was an impossibility. He accepted his new fate, but still feared the greatest of all commitments until it was too late for him. This fantasy adventure will not fail to excite and stir in every reader memories and emotions of seemingly forgotten times and moments.

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fluffy sleeping-bags, both of which he stored in the pram-bag, and two pairs of bootees, and these he struggled to put on the baby, but it curled its toes, and kicked, so in the end he gave up, finding himself unequal to the task, and felt annoyance for the first time since he had come into this shop, but with the little boots, not the baby. He took a plastic feeding bottle and some teats, some cotton wool, and some lotions and creams made especially for babies, and these he first tested on his

parted at night, and she would be left alone, as she had once been left when a tiny infant. One day he went up the stairs to the top floor of the Universal Stores Ltd. to its excellent library, thinking to get himself a book to read, to pass an hour or two. He was just going into the library when he heard a low, buzzing moan that set his blood racing with horror, for the silence of the Stores was never broken by anything but the little sounds of the child, or his own infrequent singing. He

where she had left George, but he was not there. He was approaching her down the street, dressed in an immaculate summer suit of wild-silk worsted in a natural-cream colour, with a white shirt. The total effect, together with his black socks and sandals, was most elegant and manly, but his face was unhappy. “Where on earth have you been, Beryl? You’ve been gone hours and hours. I was getting worried.” Beryl did not answer, but looked up into his eyes, and smiled gently. George saw the

they both knew that they would in time become parents, and their manifestations one to the other changed as if by magic. An grew in beauty as the new baby grew within her, and Sam could only with difficulty stop looking at her. The roundness of her limbs and breasts held a fascination for him, that nevertheless did not have the extreme sensual quality of his former feelings for her body, before the baby had begun. Now they made love, but less frequently, and as time passed and her belly

hopelessness. But in time, accompanied by screaming and wailing, and his own sobs, he arrived in the main street of a town, and was looking in the shop windows, trying to decide which shop might have in it the things he needed. If there was a supermarket, that would be the best for a start, because there were so many things to be had, all together. It was fortunate that there was a supermarket, and when he approached it, the glass doors swung open, for he had cut the electronic beam. He grabbed a

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