The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings: Revised Edition (Penguin Classics)

The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings: Revised Edition (Penguin Classics)

Olaudah Equiano

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0142437166

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Completely revised and edited with an introduction and notes by Vincent Carretta

An exciting and often terrifying adventure story, as well as an important precursor to such famous nineteenth-century slave narratives as Frederick Douglass's autobiographies, Olaudah Equiano's The Interesting Narrative recounts his kidnapping in Africa at the age of ten, his service as the slave of an officer in the British Navy, his ten years of labor on slave ships until he was able to purchase his freedom in 1766, and his life afterward as a leading and respected figure in the antislavery movement in England. A spirited autobiography, a tale of spiritual quest and fulfillment, and a sophisticated treatise on religion, politics, and economics, The Interesting Narrative is a work of enduring literary and historical value.

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slave owners prescribed by the earlier law. In a letter of 9 April 1792, Edmund Burke accurately characterized the act to Henry Dundas (1742-1811) as “arrant trifling.” 661 Reversion: a legal term meaning the return to the grantor, or to his or her estate if the grantor has died, of a granted estate after the grant has expired. 662 [Equiano’s note in eds. 1-9.] Granville Sharp, Esq; The Rev. Thomas Clarkson; the Rev. James Ramsey [sic]; our approved friends, men of virtue, are an honour to

1788. To J. T. [James Tobin] Esq; Author of the BOOKS called CURSORY REMARKS & REJOINDER. Sir, That to love mercy and judge rightly of things is an honour to man, no body I think will deny; but “if he understandeth not, nor sheweth compassion to the sufferings of his fellow-creatures, he is like the beasts that perish.” Psalm lix verse 20. Excuse me, Sir, if I think you in no better predicament than that exhibited in the latter part of the above clause; for can any man less ferocious than a

Morgan Mr. Thomas Morgan N George Napper John Newman P Mr. William Painter, 2 copies Henry Parsons D.P. Peace William Pink R Rev. Mr. Richardson, Bradford S W.T. Simpson William Smith William Stansell T Miss M. Thatcher John Thomas, 2 copies John Tuckett, 2 copies P.D. Tuckett, 2 copies W John Waring, 3 copies Edward Welmat John Wills Matthew Wright, 3 copies EIGHTH EDITION (NORWICH, MARCH 1794; “TO THE READER” DATED “EDINBURGH, JUNE 1792”) Rev. Mr. James Dyer, Devizes

The Gentleman’s Magazine. On her twenty-first birthday, in 1816, Joanna inherited �950 from her father’s estate, a sum roughly equivalent to �80,000 or $120,000 today. Equiano achieved the fame and wealth he sought and deserved. Recently discovered evidence sheds additional light on Equiano’s early life. For example, commercial and military records suggest that he may have been much younger when he entered Pascal’s service than he claims in his Narrative. Equiano reached England in early

them. I had Fox’s Martyrology with cuts,565 and he used to be very fond of looking into it, and would ask many questions about the papal cruelties he saw depicted there, which I explained to him. I made such progress with this youth, especially in religion, that when I used to go to bed at different hours of the night, if he was in his bed, he would get up on purpose to go to prayer with me, without any other clothes than his shirt; and before he would eat any of his meals amongst the gentlemen

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