The Invisible Cloud (Tangshan Tigers, Book 3)

The Invisible Cloud (Tangshan Tigers, Book 3)

Dan Lee

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 2:00273418

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Tigers travel to Japan for a new championship tournament against the Kyoto Institute. Thrilled to be competing, the team is thrown by Master Chang succumbing to a strange illness. Other teachers and pupils are getting ill too, and it's clear someone's determined to stop the tournament. It's a race against time for the Tigers to find their new enemy, but is it already too late?

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wall to get her fingers into, a minute bulge in the plaster for a toe-hold, and climbed her way up. He was amazed by her agility. It was like watching a lizard climb up a pane of glass. She reached the air vent and looked through. ‘Yeah, it leads to the hall,’ she said. ‘I can see the auditorium. And it’s pretty wide. I’d say you could get tons of gas through there.’ She climbed down as nimbly as she’d ascended. ‘But how did they get up there?’ asked Shawn. ‘Not everyone can climb like

reaching nonchalantly into his pocket. He drew out a small silver instrument, shaped a bit like a water pistol with a rubber nozzle at the end. ‘What’s that?’ ‘Something my uncle sent me – he’s an inventor, you know? It’s a universal key. Look, it’s filled with water, see, and there’s a sealed chamber of liquid nitrogen inside. You just push the rubber bit into the lock, like this, then you press the button, like this, and that breaks the seal. The nitrogen freezes the water instantly, and it

from their triumph over the Shanghai Institute – are to compete in another big tournament. They will be travelling to Japan to compete against the Kyoto Institute of Excellence.’ ‘Yes!’ said Matt, punching the air. ‘Oh boy,’ said Johnny Goldberg, Matt’s friend and room-mate. ‘Are you lucky!’ Johnny wasn’t in the martial arts squad. He was one of the stars of the basketball team. ‘Fantastic!’ said Matt. ‘Japan – I’ve never been there. I can’t wait!’ All eleven members of the squad began

thought Matt, that Chang had trained them to be so versatile in their fighting styles: ‘Perfect your own style,’ he liked to say, ‘but learn other styles too and be flexible enough to use them.’ But Shawn rashly tried the same move again. This time the Kyoto fighter was ready for it; he neatly caught Shawn’s foot and upended him on the mat. And in the next exchange he came off best too, throwing Shawn with a simple o-goshi. The match was tied at 2–2, and now Matt was feeling anxious for his

about being dropped from martial arts team would do a thing like that,’ said Chang. ‘You mean Andrei? But he wouldn’t–’ Chang stepped lightly up on to the bench and looked through the window at the dojo below. ‘Come and see,’ he said. SEARCHING FOR ANDREI The Tangshan Tigers and Miguel looked down into the hall. Two uniformed security guards were talking to a sullen-faced Andrei Drago. Suddenly, Drago made a break for it, jumping over the row of chairs in front and racing for the door. The

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