The Iraq War

The Iraq War

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Throughout the war and beyond it, John Keegan's analysis proved more accurate than any other commentator's, and now he brings his unrivaled knowledge of military history to bear on the war, its conduct and consequences.

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was removed, the army would be accorded ultimate authority within the country. Not only had he no intention of keeping his word; in the aftermath of the coup he had Daud exiled to Morocco and Nayif to London (where, in 1978, Saddam, then President of Iraq, arranged for him to be murdered). The new government was filled with ministers from the civilian wing of the Ba’ath party, relegating the army to a subordinate position. Saddam was not given a ministry; instead he became head of state security,

Islamic thought to other Westerners; yet even the French find difficulty in penetrating the veil. The modern Muslim mind is alien both to Christian and Enlightenment ways of thinking. What baffles Westerners is why Muslim militants hate Western civilization as bitterly as they do. There is, perhaps, no logical explanation; most modern Westerners would fail to supply a persuasive explanation of the hatred felt between their Protestant and Catholic ancestors in the century of the Reformation. The

terror’ which he immediately proclaimed was best prosecuted at the outset by attacking al-Qaeda, the perpetrator of 9/11, in its terrorist camps in Afghanistan. Having acquired American bases for the campaign in the ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia, he launched the counter-terrorist attack. By a combination of the commitment of special forces (American, British and Australian), the enlistment of the anti-Taleban forces of the Northern Alliance and the deployment of heavy American airpower, the

Mexico, Cameroon, Angola, Guinea and Chile. The position of France, a permanent member, a political if not military member of NATO, a pillar of the Western world, would depend upon the decision of President Chirac. Not truly an Olympian, since he took a characteristically Gallic and realist view of the primacy of national power and armed force, for all his outward commitment to the legalism of the European movement, Chirac’s voting choice would be determined entirely by French prejudice. In the

including ‘A Marine Never Dies’ – has poetic truth. If a recruit chooses to think otherwise, he will be put straight by the long-service NCO of the Corps, gunnery sergeants and sergeant-majors, who are tradition’s ultimate guardians. Marines are admired throughout the American armed forces and beyond, particularly by the British army and Royal Marines, who served with the USMC in Korea and the First Gulf War. The 1st Marine Division and the 3rd Infantry Division provided General Franks with his

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