The Life of Lee

The Life of Lee

Lee Evans

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0718156188

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lee Evans is one of the best-loved comedians in the country; a Hollywood star able to sell out arenas in the blink of eye. But he was not always such a roaring success. The Life of Lee is an utterly hilarious and very moving autobiography charting his ups and downs on the way to the top. Lee takes us on a darkly humorous journey through his childhood spent running wild on a Bristol housing estate, his unconventional school days and through a grim teenage period of numerous dead-end jobs. The book also reveals how as a boy Lee got his first taste of showbiz, accompanying his entertainer father around the rowdy, unforgiving working-men's club and theatre circuit. Desperately struggling to be accepted, this quiet young loner always saw himself as an outsider. But he finally met the love of his life and accidentally discovered the one place where he felt at home: the stage.

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crowd, curiously, were starting to like what I was doing. What was this strange feeling I was experiencing? Was I starting to be – whisper it – a success? As I fumbled and blundered my way through the act, getting all muddled along the way, as I fought with the inanimate objects around me that never seemed to do what I wanted them to, there was no doubt something was stirring in the audience. It was a notion that was slow at first, but then grew from a ripple that gradually spread across the

out at school, a funny thing happened. All of a sudden I was part of the in-crowd. I know, amazing, isn’t it? I had noticed the piano on my first day at my new senior school. The reason it stuck out during that first morning assembly was that it was the only thing that day which I could relate to. A lot of the kids had already come through infants together, or lived for years in the same neighbourhood. But I didn’t really know anyone, I’d only just arrived, so when I made my way to the back of

something Richard Burton might give to Elizabeth Taylor. Liz would throw it directly in the bin, but he still might give it to her. After weeks of painstaking, covert money-hiding operations to keep it a secret from Heather, I managed to siphon off enough to buy the ring. So while I knew she was busy at the rock shop, I made a trip to the jeweller’s. Once there, I did have second thoughts; I felt guilty as the money I was about to blow would in fact have come in very handy, but there you go.

I was keen for us all to get started as I was starving and desperately wanted to dig into the decent-looking nosebag on offer. After all, a chance like this wouldn’t come along for perhaps many years. But, unfortunately, despite the good food, the evening went rapidly downhill. The whole meal was taken up with this strange women – who we’d never met in our lives – filling us in on the most intimate details of her and Ted’s sex life: he likes it like this, I like it like that – you get the

as the driver, an elderly man with white shoes, grey hair and beard, climbed distraught from his car. Stumbling along the middle of the road towards me, he began crying out, ‘Oh my God, sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going, I’m so sorry.’ He reached down to where I was lying on my back in the road, surrounded by fishing tackle and with my eyes firmly shut. Suddenly he stopped, pinned to the spot, and his jaw dropped open. Wayne told me later that the poor man’s heart must have skipped a few

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