The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence

Douglas Preston, Mario Spezi

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1455573825

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"With a new afterword on the shocking link to the Amanda Knox case"--Cover.

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more like an inquisition than a judicial proceeding. He spoke of Spezi’s “high intelligence, which renders even more dangerous his great criminal capacity.” He concluded his speech with “The reasons for Spezi to remain in prison have become even more urgent. Because he has now demonstrated his enormous dangerousness by succeeding, even when locked up in a prison cell, in organizing a mass-media campaign in his favor!” Spezi remembered that moment. “A pen fell from the hand of the president of

incompatible, if not mutually exclusive. Eventually, something would have to give. CHAPTER 23 The Squadra Anti-Mostro was taken over by a new chief inspector of police, a man named Ruggero Perugini. A few years later, Thomas Harris would create a fictional portrait of Perugini in his novel Hannibal, giving him the thinly disguised fictional name of Rinaldo Pazzi. While researching the book, Harris had been a guest in Chief Inspector Perugini’s home in Florence. (It was said that Perugini

inevitable. Excuse me for being direct, but it seems you have doubts about the investigation against Pacciani. Grave doubts . . . ?” The marshal took his chin between his hands and, this time, twisted his lips strangely. Then the words came like a gust of relief. “Well, yes . . . In the sense that . . . In short, if there’s a strange coincidence, you let it pass. If there are two, you can still let it go. When it gets to three, well, in the end you have to say that it’s no longer a coincidence.

Meanwhile, Giuttari’s investigation, which had stalled badly after the business of the “Villa of Horrors,” had began to revive. In 2002, a new line of investigation erupted in the neighboring province of Umbria—in the ancient and beautiful hill town of Perugia, one hundred and fifty kilometers from Florence. The first sign of it was an odd telephone call that Spezi got early that year from Gabriella Carlizzi. Carlizzi, you may recall, was the crank who claimed the cult of the Red Rose had not

whose face she recognized as Narducci’s from a photograph, came to San Casciano almost every weekend. How could she forget it? She proudly told investigators she had had sex with him four or five times in a hotel and “for each trick he gave me three hundred thousand lire.” In the offices of GIDES, they showed the mentally retarded Pucci photographs of various people and asked him if he had ever seen them before and where. Pucci’s recall was phenomenal, crystal clear even when reaching back

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