Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1405204044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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red in the face. Good old Ern! THE SAME OLD ERN! Ern came right into the room, beaming, and holding rather a large parcel. �Still the same old Ern!’ said Fatty, and solemnly shook hands with him. Ern thereupon felt that he must shake hands with everyone, even Buster. Buster was very pleased indeed to see Ern, and leapt on him as if he were a long-lost friend. �This is an unexpected pleasure,’ said Fatty. �How are your twin brothers, Sid and Perce? We haven’t seen them since we all solved the

Mad as a hatter,’ said Fatty sympathetically, reaching for another scone. �Come out, Ern. You’re safe now. Buck up, or all the scones will be gone.’ Ern came out from under the table in a hurry, still looking rather pale. He opened his mouth to ask a question. �We’re not talking about certain things just now, Ern,’ said Fatty warningly, and Ern’s mouth shut, only to open again for a bite at a scone. �I suppose Goon saw all our bikes outside, and couldn’t resist coming in to say a few words to

to go in at the wicket-gate in case old Bob Larkin was in a temper because of the happenings of the night before. They went past the gate and came to a place where they could easily get into the grounds. They left their bicycles there and made their way to the big house. �The ladder was the other side,’ said Fatty, and led the way. But as soon as they turned the corner of the house he saw that the ladder was gone. �It’s not there!’ he said. �Well - I wonder if the burglar got in after I left,

telephone, do you mean?’ said Fatty inquiringly. Poor Mr. Goon nearly flung down the telephone. He roared again. �I want you to come down here to my house tomorrow morning at ten o’clock sharp,’ he shouted. �About that complaint, see! That dog’s out of control, and well you know it.’ �There wasn’t time for you to get a proper complaint,’ said Fatty. �Ho, I got enough to go on,’ said Goon. �Ho, you didn’t,’ said Fatty, exasperated. �What’s that you say!’ bellowed Goon. �Nothing of any

have overheard every word!’ �Well - I don’t see how we’re to find out anything,’ said Larry. �Goon certainly won’t let us in on it.’ They discussed the matter over and over again. Should they go and interview the old fellow called Bob Larkin and see if they could get anything out of him? No, because he was already annoyed with them, and anyway Goon had got to interview him - and anyway again they didn’t know what to ask the old fellow! �We’re being silly,’ said Fatty, at the end of the long

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