The Mystery of the Strange Messages (The Five Find-Outers, Book 14)

The Mystery of the Strange Messages (The Five Find-Outers, Book 14)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 90


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Who is sending strange, nasty messages to Mr Goon?

How the tables have turned! Finally, Mr Goon is the one who needs help from the expert mystery solvers, the Five Find-Outers. The children are quickly on the trail, but the mystery doesn't end there... The Mystery series follows the adventures of ‘The Five Find Outers’ - Pip, Bets, Larry, Daisy and Fatty, as they solve the most unusual crime cases with the help of their dog Buster.

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didn’t like the way his mother was questioning him. He wasn’t going to tell any fibs, and yet he couldn’t give away the reason for his questions, or his mother would at once complain that he was “getting mixed up in something peculiar again”. He reached out for the salt—and upset his glass of water. “Oh Frederick!” said his mother, vexed. “You really are careless. Dab it with your table-napkin, quick.” Fatty heaved a sigh of relief. The subject was certainly changed now! “Sorry, Mother,” he

loudly. They stopped short when they saw the stout policeman. “Oh—hallo, Mr. Goon,” said Larry, surprised. “What a pleasant surprise!” “So you’re all here, are you?” said Mr. Goon, glaring round. “Hatching mischief as usual, I suppose?” “Well, not exactly,” said Pip. “Fatty’s mother is having a jumble sale, and we’re turning out the attic for her to see what we can find. Have you got any jumble to spare, Mr. Goon—a couple of old helmets that don’t fit you, perhaps—they’d selJ like hot cakes.”

gazed proudly after Fatty as he disappeared into the darkness of the January afternoon. Ern was absolutely certain there was no one in the whole world to equal Fatty! Fatty surprised his mother very much when he got home, just in time for tea. He looked so serious that she was quite concerned. “Mother, can you spare a few minutes for me to tell you something?” said Fatty. “I simply must have your help.” “Oh, Frederick dear—you haven’t got into any trouble, have you?” said his mother at once.

them to Fatty, who slid the notes out of their envelopes, one by one, and read them out loud. “Here’s the first note. All it says is ‘Ask Smith what his real name is.’ And here’s the second. ‘Turn him out of the Ivies.’ And this one says ‘Call yourself a policeman? Go and see Smith!’ And the last one says ‘You’ll be sorry if you don’t go and see Smith!’ Well—what queer notes! Look, all of you—they’re not even handwritten!” He passed them round. “Whoever wrote them cut the words out of

locked, and …” “But how did Goon get locked in?” said the Superintendent, looking suspiciously at Ern. “Oooh. I didn’t lock my uncle in,” said Ern, hastily. “I wouldn’t do such a thing. The men locked him in, sir.” “And did those fellows give you any hint as to where the diamonds were?” asked the Superintendent, looking at Fatty expectantly. “No, sir.” said Fatty. Everyone groaned—what a pity! No diamonds after all! “Well—that’s rather an anti-climax,” said the Superintendent, looking

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