The Party Forever: Inside China's Modern Communist Elite

The Party Forever: Inside China's Modern Communist Elite

Rowan Callick

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1137278854

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A century after its underground beginnings, the Chinese Communist Party today exerts far-reaching control over every aspect of private life. Beyond its legendary control of the internet within China's borders, even seemingly non-political domains are subject to its authority: routine business deals require party approval; university courses reflect party doctrine; and party families amass incredible wealth while other enterprises are squeezed out. Experts predicted that the Party leadership would mellow as the country's economic fortunes soar, but the next generation of political heavyweights is keeping a tight grip on the reins of power. Today's huge new class of young professionals, whether they believe in the Party's ideology or not, are as focused as ever on strengthening the Party's role and silencing dissent. In The Party Forever, Rowan Callick goes behind the scenes to reveal the workings of China's political elite, introduce us to its future leaders and explore how prepared it is to meet the challenges of its new role in the twenty-first century. This is an essential and eye-opening account of this poorly understood but hugely influential player in world politics.

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emphasis on “harmony” and scientific development also included a broadening of the party base. But incorporating all these different interests, Wang says, is becoming harder and harder to coordinate. To what extent is democracy one of the new ideas being embraced by the party? Wang says: “We are persisting with the experiment of village-level elections—in some areas it’s been successful, in others not. There is as yet no plan to take direct election to a higher level. For instance, the heads of

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Republic of China, 1949–1963, has observed that in cases such as Hu’s, the defense lawyer “is usually inhibited from investigating on his own and is precluded from seeing even skeletal relevant documents until the case reaches the procurator’s [prosecutor’s] office, and other documents until the case gets to court following indictment by the procuracy.” Cohen notes that witnesses rarely appear at trials, with the outcome “normally pre-ordained after the accused has been formally arrested,

admission certificate reads: “0:04 a.m., February 27. Disease: drunk. Location: Jinxin Hotel.” Doctor Zhang Ke said he had helped take the patient to the sixth floor, “but I could tell he was already dying by the time we reached the third floor; his body reeked of alcohol, and he was bleeding from the nose and mouth.” The Jinbao Daily story demonstrates the newfound freedom of the Chinese media to uncover discomforting stories on certain topics, especially if corruption is involved. The paper

Chinese rich list in 2005. Men still tend to gravitate to stable careers, Hoogewerf said, while women were more likely to pursue creative, risk-taking paths. Only a dozen of the richest women had inherited wealth; “most of them were poor people twenty-five years ago.” The audacity of the rich continues to impress him. He told me of an entrepreneur who had just made a list, published early in the 2000s, of those worth more than US$10 million. When the US firm Enron collapsed, this millionaire

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