The Sable Moon (Book of the Isle Series, Book 3)

The Sable Moon (Book of the Isle Series, Book 3)

Nancy Springer

Language: English

Pages: 201

ISBN: 067144378X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A headstrong young prince, enslaved far from home, must rescue his imperiled kingdom and those he loves from an ancient dark sorcery in Nancy Springer’s magnificent third entry in the Book of Isle

The life of young Prince Trevyn of Isle changes forever on the day a mysterious boy named Gwern is welcomed without question into the family’s castle. Stubborn and resentful of the unwanted intrusion, the errant teenage prince abandons his home and soon finds himself both in love and in jeopardy. Enraptured by the village girl Meg, he incurs the wrath of Wael, a powerful warlock, by saving the lady of his heart and her people from certain destruction.

But young Trevyn’s trials have only just begun. Lured across the seas by his vengeful foe, he is captured and enslaved, and must somehow find his way to freedom. For the unprotected Isle is now at Wael’s mercy, and love will surely die if the boy-prince cannot return to the realm as its champion.

A classic epic fantasy in the grand tradition of J. R. R. Tolkien, set in an ancient island sanctuary of gods and ghosts and magic, Nancy Springer’s captivating Book of Isle saga is brimming with adventure, romance, evil, mythic quests, legendary history, and ingeniously imagined locales.

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last, it seemed. It had never caught him up so strongly before, except that horrible time when a wolf had given him bad dreams, false dreams.… But these just now had been his own dreams; he felt sure of it. “I had better go to see my uncle,” he muttered. He climbed the long, spiraling tower stairs, his breath quickened by more than exertion. Hal did not answer the rap on his door, so the Prince pushed it open. King Hal stood staring westward through his window bars, his face haggard, his skin

sorcerers had performed barbaric sacrifice to the Sacred Son and the homed god from whom they drew their powers. Hal had been reared in the shadow of that cult, and he and Alan had worked for years to stamp out such black sorcery. “I know I have taught you not to meddle with magic.” Hal sat by his nephew. “It is perilous. But all fair things are perilous. Dragons breathe fire, and the horn of the unicorn is sharp. Even this Gwern might be perilous, in his own rude way.” The Sunset King smiled

—Kirkus Reviews “A delightful romp of a book … an exuberant and funny feminist fairy tale.” —Lambda Book Report “Moving, eloquent … often hilarious, but … beneath the laughter, Springer has utterly serious insights into life, and her own art … Fair Peril is modern/timeless storytelling at its best, both enchanting and very down-to-earth. Once again, brava!” —Locus Chains of Gold “Fantasy as its finest.” —Romantic Times “[Springer’s] fantastic images are telling, sharp and impressive; her

figurehead—” Trevyn’s brow creased anew. “I have felt nothing. Can the Sight have misled you, Emrist?” He mused. “Perhaps it was sight of future, not of present—but the peril is the same. I heard them gloating, and I saw the brooch in their hands. It was in the half-sun shape of Veran’s fame, golden, with jeweled rays, a kingly thing. There was no mistaking it.” Trevyn struck his forehead with his palm. “They are mistaken even so,” he exclaimed hoarsely. “It’s my father’s! He only lent it to

parchment from his tunic and fingered it as he continued with his counterspell. Crushing strength opposed him, and he felt the sway of the balance; he seemed neither to win nor lose. “If you did not have that scroll you thieved from me,” Wael panted, “your strength would be no equal to mine.” Though he dreaded that Trevyn might try to turn the talisman’s power to his own account, Wael hoped the Prince would value the parchment and preserve it with greatest care. But Trevyn glanced at the thing

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