The Saints of the Sword : Book Three of Tyrants and Kings

The Saints of the Sword : Book Three of Tyrants and Kings

John Marco

Language: English

Pages: 720

ISBN: 0553580329

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

John Marco presents the riveting conclusion to his sweeping fantasy saga — in which three unlikely allies stand united against a terrifying crisis that threatens to devastate a world.

Biagio, Emperor of Nar, was once a madman and a tyrant. Now he wants peace. The irony is that no one believes him. Instead, the cruelest of his minions are amassing an army to usurp his throne, bringing a new scourge to a battle-scarred world.

But the wily Biagio has one more desperate plan. Alazrian Leth, bastard son of Aramoor’s governor, is barely sixteen, but this young prince secretly possesses rare magical talents. Biagio sends Alazrian on a near-impossible mission: to convince outlawed priest Jahl Rob and his followers — the fearless Saints of the Sword — to search for the exiled ruler of Aramoor and the mysterious people called the Triin.

If these ancient enemies can unite into one great army, a boy’s strange and wonderful magic may be the spark to heal a wounded world ... or set in motion an unimaginable betrayal.

Arax, el ladrón de almas (Buscafieras Especial, Libro 3)

The Rathbones

Dying of the Light

Return To Sky Raven (Enchanters of Xarparion, Book 2)

Angela's Aliens (Investigators of the Unknown, Book 4)




















darkness, too,” Praxtin-Tar whispered. “Always searching …” Looking for answers had become a way of life for Praxtin-Tar. Sometimes it was wearying. The warlord of Reen sat down beside his son, ignoring his hunger, and once again began to pray. EIGHTEEN When Alazrian and Jahl Rob finally emerged from the Iron Mountains, the first thing they saw was Ackle-Nye. The city of beggars stood at the end of the Saccenne Run, a burned-out husk of a metropolis, bearing the scars of war and neglect. Once

Bishop Herrith, and now they were zealots, just as he had been. It was a good place for a meeting, though, quiet and away from prying eyes, so Kasrin went willingly. Still clutching his leather case, he removed his triangular hat when he entered the tower. The soldiers who had escorted him waited in the threshold. Kasrin let his eyes adjust to the darkness. Ahead of him was a long aisle with rows of pews on both sides. An altar beckoned in the distance, lit by waving candlelight. A single figure

seem able to find myself. She was the only one that loved me, besides my grandfather. And he’s, well … you know.” Jahl Rob didn’t say a word. He simply watched Alazrian in the dancing light, letting him confess the poison in his life. “Elrad Leth is a monster,” he whispered. “He used to beat my mother. She even had a scar across her forehead from a ring he wears. I always tried to defend her, but I was so much smaller than him. I couldn’t fight him.” Alazrian’s lips began to tremble, and he

Yet he won two wars against Nar. He did well for a man without answers, did he not?” “Yes,” said Alazrian, understanding. “Yes, he did.” Suddenly he rose and smiled down at the woman and child. He felt a great satisfaction. “Thank you, my lady. I should go now. Your husband will be here soon.” “You have no more questions?” “Oh, I have dozens of questions, my lady,” said Alazrian, going to the door. “But I have time to learn the answers, I think.” Dyana smiled. “Good-bye, Alazrian Leth.”

his teeth. “Laney?” “Aye, sir?” “Blast ’em.” Back aboard the Gladiator, Zerio was preparing his own batteries to open fire when he heard the dreadnought’s concussion. The twin detonations rattled the teeth in his jaw. Next to him, Duckworth dropped the spyglass in shock, shattering it. “Holy hell!” cried Duckworth. Two blazing bolts of fire shot across the water. There was a giant whoosh and the hiss of steam as one followed the other into the hull of Glorious, sending her heeling sideways.

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