The Scarlet Dragon (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

The Scarlet Dragon (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

Jordan Quinn, Robert McPhillips

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1442496932

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this second Kingdom of Wrenly chapter book, Lucas and Clara search for special berries that will cure the scarlet dragon.

In this second book in The Kingdom of Wrenly series, an unusual egg has been found on Crestwood, the land of dragons. When the egg starts to hatch, the king, queen, and Prince Lucas are there to see what emerges. It’s…a scarlet dragon! Everyone is amazed to see the creature, which they have only heard about in tall tales.

King Caleb declares that the special dragon will belong to an overjoyed Prince Lucas, who vows to keep his dragon safe. But when the scarlet dragon gets sick, the only cure is a potion made with vixberries that grow deep in the forest of Burth (the land of trolls). Lucas and Clara set out to find these special berries, but the task is harder than they expected. Will they be able to find the berries and save the scarlet dragon?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, The Kingdom of Wrenly chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

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CONTENTS Chapter 1: Red Alert! Chapter 2: A Fire Breather Chapter 3: Eggshells Chapter 4: Nesting Chapter 5: The Hatchling Chapter 6: Redhead Chapter 7: Vixberries Chapter 8: Bren Chapter 9: The Breach Chapter 10: Wake Up! 'Sea Monster!' Excerpt About Jordan Quinn and Robert McPhillips Red Alert! Plump juicy sausages, fresh fruits, warm cinnamon rolls, and fluffy scrambled eggs sat on the table in front of Prince Lucas. The prince drummed his fingers on the white tablecloth and

each chamber, because he read that red dragons needed their homes to be hot. Lastly, he added an escape exit in case an enemy approached the lair. Then Lucas presented his plan to his father. The king loved Lucas’s ideas. He had his men draw up the official plan. Meanwhile, Clara and Lucas planned to make chew toys for the baby dragon. “I’ll sew some stuffed animals,” said Clara. “I’ll carve some wooden toys,” Lucas said. Over several weeks, Clara sewed and stuffed a rabbit, a bear, and a

door. A short, stocky troll with rosy cheeks and sparkling blue eyes answered the door. “Well, hello, Clara!” the young troll exclaimed. “Why the heavy hand? Are you delivering bread with your father today?” Clara shook her head. “No, Bren,” she said. “The prince and I have come to ask for your help. The scarlet dragon is very sick. He needs vixberries before sundown or he’ll die.” The troll’s expression became very serious. “What makes you think I know anything about vixberries?” asked

Bren. “Because you told me about them one time, and nobody knows the Starless Forest better than you,” said Clara. “Can you help us?” Clara had known Bren ever since she could remember. They were the same age and often played together when her father delivered bread to his customers on Burth. Bren had shared magical stories about the Starless Forest. Bren sighed as he thought about what Clara had just asked. “The king has promised a generous reward,” said Clara. “Oh?” questioned Bren. “What

the king bellowed. “According to the legends, there hasn’t been a red dragon in the kingdom for more than two hundred years!” The great hall became quiet. Nobody dared to challenge the king. Then King Caleb stood up. “I must see this egg at once,” he said. “Yes, Your Majesty,” said Stefan. “I’ll summon the royal ship.” “Father, may I go with you?” asked Lucas. The king raised an eyebrow. “Please?” Lucas begged. “I’d like to go too,” the queen chimed in. Then the king laughed. “Okay, we

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