The Secret Mountain (Secret Series) (Secret Series Adventure)

The Secret Mountain (Secret Series) (Secret Series Adventure)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 188

ISBN: 184135676X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The parents of Mike, Peggy and Nora are held captive in the Secret Mountain in Africa. Together with their friends and Prince Paul, they run away to search for them. But can they find the mountain - and who are the strange and dangerous red-haired people living there?

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undergrowth, and you can be sure our guide is taking us by the safest path.” Mafumu was enjoying himself. He was a long way behind his uncle, for the guide led the way, and Mafumu came at the tail of the company. Next to him was Jack, and Mafumu was doing his best to make friends with him. He picked a brilliant scarlet blossom from one of the trees and tried to stick it behind Jack’s ear. Jack was most annoyed, and the others laughed till they cried at the sight of Jack with a red flower behind

- not only for any mountain leopard that might come into the cave, but also for any of the Folk from the Secret Mountain! They did not know what such strange people might do. Mafumu was curled up on the rocky ground by Jack. Jack had offered him a share of the rug, but the boy would not take any of Jack’s coverings. He even tried to cover Jack up, much to the amusement of everyone else. �He wants to be your nurse,” chuckled Mike. �Oh, do stop making jokes like that,” grumbled poor Jack. �I

if it could have reached them! �How queer to stand behind a waterfall like this,” said Jack. �Mafumu - what’s the sense of bringing me here? How do you suppose we’re going to crawl through water that’s coming out of the mountain at about sixty miles an hour. You must be mad.” But Mafumu was not mad. He took Jack right to the other side of the ledge, and pointed to a narrow rocky path that led into the mountain, where the water ran only two or three inches deep. Nearby, the river had worn a deep

of the Secret Mountain was simply magnificent. All around rose other mountains, some high, some lower, and in and beyond stretched the green valleys, some with a blue river winding along. It took the children’s breath away, and made them feel very small indeed to look on those great mountains. After they had feasted their eyes on the glorious scenery all around them, they turned to see what the summit of the Secret Mountain was like. It was very strange. For one thing, it had been levelled till

high cave. Mafumu was terrified. He clung to Jack tightly, and muttered strings of strange-sounding words, fingering his necklace of crocodile teeth. Jack was sorry for the other boy, especially as he felt afraid too! The river swirled along fast. Sometimes the boat knocked against rocks and nearly upset. Once Mrs Arnold almost fell overboard, and Captain Arnold only just snatched at her in time. Everyone wondered where the journey would end. It ended in a most astonishing manner. The river

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