The Secret of Moon Castle (The Secret Series, Book 5)

The Secret of Moon Castle (The Secret Series, Book 5)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 90

ISBN: 1841356743

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Prince Paul's family are visiting England and wish to rent a castle to stay in for several weeks, and Mrs. Arnold has been asked to help locate a suitable castle, knowing England far better than Paul's parents. The Arnolds are invited to spend some time in the castle with them, too, and are soon puzzled by strange events happening in the castle: odd noises that occur, eyes in portraits that shine mysteriously, lights that shine in tower rooms, despite being locked tight. It seems that there are unknown people who do not want them to stay in the castle.
On occasion, a strange tingling effect is felt by them, and strange coloured lights seem to rise from the ground, and it seems to be due to a strange metal (possibly radioactive) that mysterious men are mining for unknown reasons.

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was one of the finest pilots in the world. How many times had he flown round the world? He had lost count! Mrs. Arnold, too, was a fine pilot, and had had gone on many record flights with her husband. She knew almost as much about aeroplanes as he did. �This new job you spoke of?” she said. �Is it important? Can you tell me?” �Yes, I’ll tell you,” said her husband. �It is to fly a new plane - a queer one, but a beauty! It’s a wonder-plane. It can rise straight up in the air at a great speed,

- what do you say, children?” �Lovely! Super! Smashing!” said everyone at once. Peggy gave her mother a hug. �I wish you were coming too, though,” she said. �Still - you’ll come and join us when the Queen arrives, won’t you? The plane tests will be over by then.” �I’ll do my very best,” said her mother. �Now - we’ll have to get busy! There are your clothes to see to - the agents to ring up - and I must write a letter to the three caretakers to tell them that our plans are altered, and only you

could creep in on Guy then, and see what he is doing. We must find it!” �Well - look at this,” said Mike, pointing to the map again. �It looks as if the passage from that secret door in Paul’s room leads inside the walls somewhere, and then comes out to another door - or perhaps an opening of some kind - inside the chimney of one of the tower rooms. What does everybody think?” Everybody was only too anxious to think that Jack was right! �I know how we can tell if we’re right,” said Mike. �We

the book had fallen from, and climbed up. He could see nothing that could cause the books to jump out. �All the books have come from the same side of the room, and from the same shelf-level,” said Paul. �That’s queer, isn’t it? Oh my goodness, there goes the picture again’” Sure enough it had begun to swing, though more slowly than before. Jack stood an the ladder and watched it. What was the point of all these silly happenings? �Throw the books back to me,” he said to Mike. �I’ll put them in

Jack. �Good thing we’ve got our torches back. We can see what we’re doing now.” The girls got into bed - and so did Paul, although he felt he really ought to go and help the two boys. He lay and watched them put chairs against the wall, and then, quite suddenly, fell fast asleep. �Blow,” said Jack, looking at him. �I meant to have asked him if there was a chair standing close to the wall when he woke up this morning; because it seems to me that whoever climbed back through the high-up door

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